OFAC: Beyonce and Jay-Z vacation in Cuba was part of an ‘educational exchange’

According to the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the Beyonce and Jay-Z trip to Cuba that just happened to coincide with their wedding anniversary was not a vacation, but instead an “educational exchange” with the communist dictatorship-run island. This revelation should allay many of the fears expressed by some that this extremely wealthy and famous couple who are personal friends of President Obama were in Cuba whooping it up like rich tourists enjoying parties, drinks, food, cigars, and accommodations that are denied to typical Cubans by the government’s apartheid policies.

Since now we know this trip was “educational,” it explains what was really going in many of the photographs of Beyonce and Jay-Z in Cuba:

Architecture class
Chemistry class – the chemical reactions between a good cigar and a good brandy
Culinary class
Restaurant Management class
Photography class
Latin American History class
Dance class

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel a lot better about this trip now.



8 thoughts on “OFAC: Beyonce and Jay-Z vacation in Cuba was part of an ‘educational exchange’

  1. The fact that she was obviously allowed to use her cell phone while there is quite telling.

    Does she know there’s an American being held prisoner in a castro jail for the better part of the last few years for trying to give regular Cubans cell phones?

  2. “Educational exchange.” I assume they said that with a straight face, which must have taken some doing. Let’s see, visiting a whorehouse could qualify as an “educational exchange,” couldn’t it? Well, I’m sure they’ll release the course syllabus and all the completed written assignments and test scores soon, along with testimonials from little island people (of color, naturally) detailing all they learned from the visiting demigods. Beyoncé’s next album will be dedicated to Cuba, with Santana as obligatory guest artist, and the videos will feature dancers wearing Che T-shirts or Che undies, or both. Jay-Z will be officially designated as a Cuba “expert,” especially in matters of race, so that he can refute any negative imperialist propaganda coming from bad Negroes like Berta Soler and Dr. Biscet. And of course, Beyoncé can teach her BFF Michelle Obama how to dance “salsa.” Was this trip a great idea or what? Party on.

  3. One reason Cubans get so little respect from non-Cubans is because they don’t show enough self-respect. If Cuban exiles (OK, make that Cubans abroad) were rigorously committed NOT to put a penny more than absolutely necessary in the Castro regime’s bloody hands, and if they showed with their CONDUCT as well as their words that they were very serious about that, it would make it significantly harder for foreigners to be so careless and cavalier about vacationing in Cuba. Unfortunately, the fact is there are Cubans in the US who will go to Cuba to celebrate a daughter’s 15th birthday as well as a wedding anniversary, just like Be-Jay, and if Cubans will pull that kind of shit, how can we possibly expect non-Cubans to do better? True, there’s also the racial angle in this case, plus the glaringly obvious double standard relative to apartheid South Africa, but again, we cannot expect foreigners to exercise more self-control than we do and be more anti-dictatorship than we are. That is NEVER going to happen. So yes, Cubans are part of the problem.

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