Quote of the day – On doing business with the Castro dictatorship

In an interview with TV Martí, Cuban dissident and artist Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo speaks about doing business with Cuba’s dictatorial Castro regime (translation by Capitol Hill Cubans):


No one tells the Cuban government that the next investment for this port or for that project will no longer be available because it is violating the fundamental human rights of its citizens.  It is being assumed that there are no Cuban citizens.  Since we have been displaced by the Cuban government for decades, they act as if there’s nothing to discuss with the Cuban people.  So they only speak with the repressors of the Cuban people, with the functionaries of the Cuban government.




2 thoughts on “Quote of the day – On doing business with the Castro dictatorship

  1. Yoani herself explained to the Cato Institute that countries who do business with Cuba don’t want to upset the applecart for fear of losing their investments. If the US is the one country whose official policy is that the regime is unacceptable why is she for removing the embargo?

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