Why Pick on Jay-Z ? (part II) Meet the Iron Lady’s daughter Carol Thatcher


Brits aren’t obliged to parrot any “people-to-people” hogwash. They’re frankly tourists, y pal carajo!:

“I (Carol Thatcher) hoped to get a snap taken by one of my 15-strong cycling group standing by a wrought-iron image of the revolutionary hero Che Guevara……Che is your constant companion on any trip to Cuba. His image is everywhere-more so than Fidel himself. Such was his presence that our tour was dubbed “On Yer Bike With Che.”

But the Iron Lady’s daughter parrots Cuba “expertise” with the best of them. From Carol Thatcher the Cuba “Expert”:

But they are also a monument to 51 years of failed American foreign policy. Fidel and his brother Raul, who took over as president in 2008, have seen ten American presidents come and go.

Washington has achieved the opposite of its intention. Rather than starve Cuba into submission, the unrelenting trade embargo has sustained the communist regime’s grip on power. Resistance has been a matter of national pride. Cubans may have no shoelaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand up to Washington.

It’s hard to accept that at some point in the past 50 years, an American politician could not have told Fidel or Raul Castro: ‘We don’t approve of communism, but we are prepared to work with you.’




(Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova le encanta JODER!)



10 thoughts on “Why Pick on Jay-Z ? (part II) Meet the Iron Lady’s daughter Carol Thatcher

  1. Another idiot, and probably not even all that useful. This apple fell quite far from the tree and, in effect, disgraced it.

  2. I suspect Carol’s idiocy may be deliberate. She can get much more mileage out of being this way than being like her mother, and some people will do anything for extra mileage. Think of it as a genteel form of prostitution.

  3. “[Che’s] image is everywhere.” Like bacteria. Not a trace of the asthmatic Argentinean asshole should remain in a free Cuba, but cut out like a cancerous tumor. How did Cubans ever sink so low?

  4. The British always supporters Castro from the start and in the 1960s provided Havana with a fleet of new Leyland buses. I don’t recall Thatcher ever denouncing Fidel Castro.

  5. Cierto, a Asombra y a Fontova no se les escapa ni una y operan (por no decir “joder”. Bueno, ya lo dije) con una coña tan aguda y sofisticada que no hay comunista que no se cagué en la madre que los pario.

    “Cubans may have no shoelaces, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand up to Washington.”

    The Cubans who “stand up” to Washington, the communist elite, have shoelaces and much more wealth than you. By the way, Washington propped them into power. They don’t stand up to Washington, they use it for the morons they are. The slaved population that lives in ruins, that is not permitted to own anything, that has no rights in their own country, and that has no shoelaces has never voted for such domestically imposed policies and is not permitted to speak nor stand up to anything but just repeat at gun point, idiot.

    I gather that the boarding school was very far from home. Even if that, it does not justify such level of hypocrisy, frivolity, propagandistic romanticism, and stupidity masked as social concern regarding an unpardonably criminal and aberrational stalinist tyranny whose totalitarian oppression is only second to North Korea’s – much less when one has the mother she had. What an idiot…

    If it is a matter of family rebellion or a desperate call for attention she should have brought home a muslim boyfriend or gone to San Francisco to live as a hippie with a band of rockers, not use the agonies and misfortunes of a people for her own kicks, entertainment, and striking “originality”.

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