Pitbull responds to Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’ about Cuba

Cuban American musician and rapper Pitbull responds to Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” rap boasting of his vacation in communist Cuba as a VIP guest of the Castro apartheid dictatorship.

“It’s the freedom that we rap for, it’s the freedom that we die for. C-U-B-A, hope to see you free one day…”


H/T Penúltimos Días



8 thoughts on “Pitbull responds to Jay-Z’s ‘Open Letter’ about Cuba

  1. Alas, Pitbull’s anti-Castro message will probably reach more people outside Miami-Dade than every anti-Castro declaration by every Castro opponent and dissident and by every “historic exile”, since 1960–probably more people than all of these COMBINED!…”buy the ticket-take the ride,” as Hunter Thompson always said.

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