(Obama-supporting) Pitbull DEFENDS (Obama-supporting) Jay-Z’s Cuba-visit!


The entertainment media is reporting Pitbull’s rap song as an ENDORSEMENT(!) of Jay-Z’s Cuba visit…so until I hear a rebuttal from Pitbull (which–let’s face it–would NOT be a particularly SHREWD career move)—I’m going with Entertainment Tonight. So here’s the headline from the media’s TOP entertainment site:

“Listen! Pitbull Defends Jay-Z’s Cuba Trip in “Open Letter Freestyle”

Pitbull is weighing in on the controversy that dogged Jay-Z and Beyoncé following their recent trip to Cuba—with a song.

The 32-year-old rapper released “Open Letter Freestyle,” expressing his solidarity with the hip-hop mogul, otherwise known as Sean Carter, and pointedly asking whether race played a role in the attacks against him.

In brief: Much like (the Obama-supporting) Yoani Sanchez –(the Obama-supporting) Pitbull covers ALL his bases VERY carefully.

(Oye pero la verdad que a este Fontova le ENCANTA J*DER!!!)..by the simple process of actually reading beyond the headline on a tweet–apparently a prohibitively strenuous activity nowadays…..unreal.)

LET IT BE KNOWN!!! Babalu’s PITBUll is the PITBULL who RULES!!!




9 thoughts on “(Obama-supporting) Pitbull DEFENDS (Obama-supporting) Jay-Z’s Cuba-visit!

  1. Where the hell in that song did he promote Gay-Z? Anyone that listens to that song will see that the media is desperately reporting a lie (what’s new).

    I know Pitbull has served as tool for Democrats and that he is no history scholar (en cuanto a eso si es un come-mierda) BUT I not only give him credit here, he has all my respect and gratitude regarding his long and consistent stance on Cuba. For a young guy, unpolished, born in USA, and son of the Miami streets of the 1990s he has been pretty ballsy, vociferous, and truthful about who he is as Cuban-American, about Cuba’s reality, and about who we all are. Truth be told, much more than many who are even older than him and many who even lived it in person.

    Orishas anyone? Gloria Estefan? Cristina Saralegui? Even Jorge Mas Santos is worth less.

  2. I don’t really want to touch this—our Cretina is already more than enough, and I’m beyond tired of this shit.

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