Pitbull’s Bruce Springsteen-moment (among Cuban-Americans)

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Here at Babalu we remain unwavering in our obnoxious habit of exploring a topic beyond its Tweet headline. It’s practically unanimous now: the (Obama-backing) MSM, regards (Obama-Backing) Pitbull’s Open Letter as a diss –not against his fellow (Obama-backing) rapper Jay-Z–but against those who criticized his Cuba trip.

From ABC News:

In non-typical Cuban-American fashion, Pitbull is actually defending the Carters’ trip.

From TIME Mag.

In his new freestyle, Pitbull has offered his support to Jay and Bey, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on the Caribbean island.

From USA Today:

Pitbull freestyle supports Jay-Z/Beyonce’s Cuba trip

From the Washington Post blog:

….in which he made it clear he’s no Castro sympathizer (“C-U-B-A, hope to see you free one day”), but also took a dig at the politicians who objected to the stars’ trip:

From NBC:

Pitbull’s “Open Letter,’ which comes just days after Jay-Z released a song of the same name, shows support for the Brooklyn rapper

From NBC Latino:

to make it clear, Pitbull is squarely on Jay-Z’s side

From Salon.com:

Pitbull ends his rap with a message of support to Jay-Z,

From Rolling Stone:

The Florida rapper comes down squarely on Jay-Z’s side

From the Huffington Post:

If you’re expecting an attack on Jay-Z, though, you won’t find it here.

From AceShowbiz:

Miami pop rapper Pitbull also comes to the defense of Jay-Z.

From FoxNews Latino:

Pitbull Defends Beyonce, Jay Z…Pitbull is firing back at the elected officials who have vehemently criticized Jay Z and Beyoncé for visiting Cuba.

Bruce Springsteens’s Born in the USA was as bitter an attack on his nation’s policies as was Country Joe McDonald’s The “Fish” Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag, made famous at Woodstock.


And it’s one, two, three,
What are we fighting for ?
Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
Next stop is Vietnam;

But the widespread misinterpretation of Bruce’s diss against Republicans during those heady Reagan years was such that the Reagan campaign craved it as their campaign ’84 theme song! Bruce, to his credit, set ’em straight.

“Clearly the key to the enormous explosion of Bruce Springsteen’s popularity is the misunderstanding…He is a tribute to the fact that people hear what they want to hear.” Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone mag.

In fact: Pitbull was dissing–not Jay-Z–but Marco Rubio….GOT it, amigos!…..Geeeeesh…!!!



8 thoughts on “Pitbull’s Bruce Springsteen-moment (among Cuban-Americans)

  1. Hum-Boy-Dah, do you remember when in 1985 Bruce Springsteen repeatedly sand at concerts the song “War” denouncing the Reagan administration’s support for the Contras? “War hu yeah what is it good for absolutely nothin.” The hypocrite is no longer a pacifist when Obama is involved in multiple wars on various continents. Likewise, Michael Moore, Code Pink, and company were antiwar activists during the Bush years but are no longer active under Obama.

  2. I saw the lyrics and they’re vague, probably deliberately, except for questioning if Jay-Z would have been criticized if he were white, which is a very cheap shot (Pitbull should know damn well he would have been—just ask Juanes and his even whiter friend Miguel Bosé). I think this guy wants it both ways and is hedging his bets, and I expect he saw an opportunity to benefit himself by jumping into the fray and took it. Frankly, it would have been better if he’d stayed out of it, because you can’t have it both ways. This looks like another example of Homo opportunisticus cubanus, which might as well be a species of weed.

  3. “War! Good GOD YA’LL!”..of course professor..hell, I remember the Edwin Starr original. Right, Contra-Aid brought out the crypto-nangaras like few recent causes…and right, Asombra, like I mentioned yesterday, PB covers both his bases VERY carefully. But if he was bothered by being “misunderstood” he could make a statement correcting the overwhelming MSM view shown in the post–YEAH RIGHT!!!

  4. I ignored that the “Mr.Carter” part was referring to Gay-Z. I simply don’t know, nor care, for the real names of these ignorant clowns. When I heard that part I had no idea what he was talking about. Makes me wonder, why the politeness given that no one refers to Gay-Z, nor knows Gay-Z, by his real name. It sounds to me Pitbull wanted to do some butt kissing but without making it too obvious outside the intended target.

    Indeed, the guy is a little ambivalent, contradictory given precious statements, and questionably so. I remember that when the opportunistic sellouts Orishas, the monotonous Juanes, and the washed-up Olga Tañón did their little Sponsored by Castro Tyrannies concert in Havana, Pitbull himself criticized the concert and said he would never do such a thing because of X, Y, and Z.

    But let’s be truthful, all those suckers are small potatoes next to him, Gay-Z, and thus, insignificant to him one way or another. Yeap, it sounds like the man is operating like a fund manager running a mutual fund, a little here, a little there, and “Donde es que esta el billete caballero…” while also doing both Coca-Cola and Pepsi commercials on the side.

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