Carter Center is MIA on Venezuelan Election Fraud – UPDATED

Last week, Jennifer McCoy the Director of the Americas Center for The Carter Center went to Venezuela to observe that country’s presidential election. According to lefty website just a day before the election McCoy claimed that Venezuela’s electronic voting system was “the most comprehensive (she’s) seen in the world.” In fact she pre-certified the election by saying that post-election audits “never had any significant discrepancy between the paper receipts and the electronic system.”


But now there are widespread and credible allegations of fraud and the Venezuelan government won’t allow a recount. In fact the government has taken violent actions against protesters killing and injuring many. All of this is occurring while the Venezuelan military is burning ballot boxes (photo from


And what does the Carter Center have to say about it? Nothing despite McCoy’s presence there.

It’s time to call a spade a spade and say that The Carter Center political cover to leftwing tyrants who want to maintain a patina of Democratic legitimacy.


The Carter Center did in fact issue a press release yesterday calling for “mutual recognition and dialogue in Venezuela.”  The press release ends by saying, “The Carter Center will not present an evaluation of the overall electoral process.” Of course not, your Americas director already pre-certified it before a ballot was cast.



14 thoughts on “Carter Center is MIA on Venezuelan Election Fraud – UPDATED

  1. Carter claims to be a Christian but he seems to be from the Jim Jones denomination. But Asombra, being from NC myself, the “inbred hillbilly” thing doesn’t sit well with me.

  2. Or try this: What she looks like has nothing at all to do with why she has aligned herself with an extremely foolish man, who is, as you say, a whitewashed sepulchre.

    For those who don’t know, this metaphor is from Matthew 23, the series of “Woes” Jesus pronounces on some of the Pharisees and scribes as the end of his earthly life neared. The ancient Jews had ritual purity laws that included not touching anything that had touched a corpse or anything directly related to corpses, like a tomb. They would paint their tombs white to remind people not to touch it, sort of like those flashing lights you see on radio towers to prevent helicopters and low flying planes from hitting them.

    Jesus was saying they were like a whitewashed tomb in that they were clean and neat on the outside and dead on the inside.

    (For those who were already aware of this, my apologies if you read this far.)

  3. Foolish man? Yes and no. It depends on exactly what one means or understands by being foolish. It’s not as if he doesn’t know what he’s doing or why. In other words, he’s not clueless. It’s far worse and much less innocent than that.

  4. “Mutual recognition and dialogue.” Vague and meaningless much? No doubt it’s precisely what the Carter Center would recommend for Castro, Inc. and its countless victims. Actual justice and retribution for crimes is just too, well, Jewish.

  5. Foolishness is not the same thing as schizophrenia or other delusionary forms of mental illness for which the victim cannot be held responsible. Hell is full of fools with more to come, the housing contractors down there can’t even keep up. So being a fool does not absolve anyone of responsibility or accountability, because as you say, a man like Carter really cannot be entirely unaware of what he is doing.

  6. When it comes to liberal “elites” such as a dictator loving former president, I no longer recognize the “but I didn’t know” excuse. They know, they approve, hell, they’ve been actively working for it. They own it, and we won’t forget.

  7. Carter reminds me of the wife of the man who beats her and beats and humps his kids, defending him by saying what a gift to humanity he is when he’s not doing that.

  8. Carter is quite aware of what he’s doing; he just thinks he’s superior and knows better than ordinary mortals. What he wrought as president regarding Iran alone is enough to damn him, especially since he has never given any sign of real remorse, guilt or shame, presumably because he doesn’t feel any. What he’s done ever since he got kicked out of office after his disastrous tenure is to push himself forward at every opportunity, brazenly ignoring his failure and disgrace, and putting on obnoxiously sanctimonious and patently absurd airs as Master Statesman and Mr. Righteous. It really is too much, WAY too much.

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