Let’s Play Jeopardy! Today’s Daily Double— Who said it?


Okay, now who said the following….30 seconds:

“I believe U.S.policy towards Cuba is cruel and unfair, profoundly unneighborly.

My greatest desire is to see amicable relations emerge between the United States and Cuba. I hope our government will abandon its hostility towards Cuba and to work with Havana in a spirit of tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding. This would enable Cuba to drop its defensive measures and experiment more easily with changes (reforms). And it would permit the two neighbors to work together and with other nations to promote tolerance and cooperation.

Castro poses no significant threat to the U.S. or any of his hemispheric neighbors. No evidence exists that Cuba is trying to foment any instability in the Western Hemisphere.

I do not understand why we must continue to dictate how the Cubans should select their leaders, who their leaders cannot be, and what laws are appropriate in their land. Why can’t we let Cuba pursue its own internal journey, as the United States has been doing for over two centuries?”

Was it the Cuba “Expert” who takes bribes from Castro’s main business partners?

Was it the Cuba “Expert” whose book was written hand in glove with Cuban terrorists whose bomb plot would have made the Boston Marathon bombing look like an errant firecraker if not foiled?

Was it a famous Cuban dissident who got thunderous standing ovations from Cuban exiles recently?

Was it the rotund founder of the Cuba Study Group, also known as the Cuban George Soros?

No, it was none of the above…BUZZZZZZZ: Who is Ana Belen Montes.”


“YOU WIN! You are correct! In fact it was the person regarded as “the most harmful spy against the U.S. in modern memory” in a major Washington Post story, Ana Belen Montes…And yet up until about a year ago the very Washington Post pretty much parroted every item of her creed in their editorials. Most MSM editorials still do. And for decades the statements by the men who currently serve as U.S. Secretaries of State and of Defense, when opining on Cuba, were veritable cut and paste jobs from the creed of Castro’s “Queen Jewel”!….YOU WIN!

I really, REALLY feel for our Cuba spycatchers. Must be a royal b*tch trying to “profile” suspects!


Montes receives a “certificate of distinction” from CIA Director George Tenet in 1997. (And why not? After all: she echoed the sentiments of most “enlightened” Beltway MSM/Academic opinion. Might these opinion-holders also share Montes’ goals regarding Castroism?)



2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Jeopardy! Today’s Daily Double— Who said it?

  1. Whenever ANYBODY says anything this dubious, be EXTREMELY suspicious. NEVER ignore even the slightest whiff of bad faith. In such cases, one is at best dealing with a useful idiot, and even that can be very damaging in certain instances. Given what this woman really was and what she was really after, reading that statement is practically like listening to the snake hissing its honeyed lies to Eve. This kind of deception is profoundly perverse, disguising itself as well-meaning and “live and let live,” though it is drenched in malice. This is the worst kind of enemy, the kind that is, in fact, permeated by evil.

  2. And what does she think about the Green Beret or anybody else killed because of her activities? Well, “You have to break some eggs to make an omelet,” no?

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