Shutdown!..SWAT Teams!..Tanks!…Army Bomb squads! Helicopters! (for a teenager with a pressure cooker and a pistol?)

chitose video testSWAT teams enter a suburban neighborhood to search an apartment for the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings in Watertown_DSC1057.JPGaaaaaj38

A teenager with a pressure-cooker, a few small bombs and a pistol “shutdown” one of the richest, most dynamic, most sophisticated and financially-vital cities in the Western hemisphere…

…Helicopters!…Armored vehicles! (veritable tanks!)…1000 heavily armed cops on a manhunt!…

….then the teenager was finally captured only because the shutdown was temporarily LIFTED…and because of a fluke observation by resident going for a smoke…. then a furious firefight by a dozen heavily armed paramilitary types with machine-guns to finally subdue a teenager who could barely walk at the time, had only a small pistol, doesn’t seem to have had any military training…liked to party, smoke pot and was apparently doing such two nights ago–AFTER he planted the marathon bombs!…

All over Middle America, (I’m guessing,) many small-town sherriffs (Boss-Hog types, butt-of jokes by “sophisticated” Bostonian types) are–while obviously happy for the small consolation to the families of the victims–still snorting and shaking their heads …

Sorry to spoil the fun, but there it is….

Was Dallas “Shutdown” Nov. 23 1963?…would Lee H. Oswald have been captured if it had? (remember he was discovered while going into a movie house!)….unreal

Bonnie and Clyde killed many more people and were “put out of action” with much less “sophistication” and fuss….


Esteban Ventura, Eleuterio Pedraza and Salas Canizares (wherever they are) must also be snickering…




5 thoughts on “Shutdown!..SWAT Teams!..Tanks!…Army Bomb squads! Helicopters! (for a teenager with a pressure cooker and a pistol?)

  1. Hum-Boy-Dah, This is the first time those expensive armored vehicles roll in the streets of Boston. The government now feels justified to gouge tax payers to update and maintain that equipment and purchase others. I saw on TV a man wearing a DEA jacket at the scene where the fugitive was surrounded by hundreds of law enforcement officers. He obviously didn’t belong there with local police, FBI and ATF, but apparently just wanted to parade in front of news cameras and flashed his badge to cross the police line. The other interesting aspect of this case is that if the government brands you a “terrorist” your Miranda and other rights are revoked due to national security.

  2. Sounds about right. All those Terminators and all that Rambo hardware costs a pretty penny to salary and upkeep. Can’t have ’em “rust in the sheath.” A helluva show…GEEESH!(both Bonnie & Clyde and “Easy Rider” were “put down” in Louisiana, btw.)

  3. When someone this young with his whole life before him effectively throws his future away, something is very seriously wrong with his mentality, or with whatever shaped it. Same goes for the dead brother (who absolutely should have been “picked up” before he had the chance to do what he did). We’d better wake up and smell the coffee, or this sort of thing (and worse) will happen again.

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