AP Spin: Spinning for yet another communist dictatorial regime


It is no secret nor is there any doubt the Associated Press through its reporting actively protects and defends the Castro dictatorship in Cuba. When you read an AP article on Cuba it feels at times you are reading a press release from the Cuban regime or worse, an article straight out of Granma. But it has come to light that the AP is not willing to allow just one brutally repressive communist dictatorship to compromise its journalistic integrity. You can now add North Korea to that list.

In a recent article in The Weekly Standard, we see how the AP is using the same despicable tactics at their North Korean news bureau as they use at their Cuban news bureau. And in a blatant display of lack of originality, they are even using the same fallacious arguments to defend the dictatorial regime of Kim Jung-un they use to defend the regime of the Castro brothers in Cuba.

See if you can spot the glaring similarities in their coverage and analysis (emphasis mine):

[…] Datelined Seoul, with reporting contributed from Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, and Beijing, the story informed its readers that sanctions “may have .??.??. bolstered the Kim family by giving their propaganda maestros ammunition to whip up anti-U.S. sentiment and direct attention away from government failures.”Quoting liberally from several prominent advocates of “engagement” with Pyongyang (or various apologists for the North Korean government, depending on whom you ask), the piece sought to build a case that, as the headline suggested, sanctions serve to strengthen Kim’s regime by providing it with fodder for propaganda. “[The new sanctions] may .??.??. play into Kim Jong Un’s hands,” the article concluded.

Of course, that thesis is nonsense: The North Korean propaganda apparatus is utterly untethered from the real world, and it’s going to serve up bellicose, hypernationalistic, and anti-U.S. rhetoric irrespective of whether a few new sanctions are imposed. The turgid article wouldn’t have been notable if it had been produced by some misinformed blogger; shoddy analysis of North Korea is a staple of English-language opinion journalism. But this story was published by none other than the Associated Press, one of the world’s most respected news organizations, which supplies news to thousands of newspapers and radio stations worldwide, and reported in its patented voice-of-God, “just the facts, ma’am” style.

Apparently, originality is not a prerequisite for AP reporters.



2 thoughts on “AP Spin: Spinning for yet another communist dictatorial regime

  1. This old canard is as tired as it is tiresome, but it keeps being peddled. It’s the exact same “reasoning” used against the American embargo on Castro’s Cuba: “Oh, but if we remove the embargo (unilaterally, of course), we’ll remove the Castro regime’s excuse for being a failure.” I mean, PLEASE. Castro, Inc. will ALWAYS have an excuse, since it has ALWAYS traded in lies and will say or claim WHATEVER it finds convenient to justify itself. It’s amazing that supposedly serious and intelligent people will expose themselves to well-deserved contempt for talking such utter drivel, which inevitably raises the equally well-deserved suspicion that they KNOW it’s drivel but have ulterior motives.

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