Where is The Love for Poor Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Huh?


Yeah, that whole “Blur” factor has gone technicolor now with the left.

There are those love-sick girlies that cannot even wait for the guy to go through trial and head off to the federal slam before offering to have his ‘babies’.

And then there are those obscure recording artists that feel inspired by the murdering and maiming terrorist bomber that they wax poetic over him. (Greg Gutfeld is my American hero.)

you don’t know how intimately they’re recording your every move on closed-circuit cameras until you see your face reflected back at you through through the pulp.

you don’t know how to stop picking at your fingers.

you don’t know how little you’ve been paying attention until you look down at your legs again

Hey, atleast he has his legs.

you don’t know how many vietnamese soft rolls to order.

you don’t know how convinced your parents were that having children would be, absolutely, without question, the correct thing to do.

you don’t know how precious your iphone battery time was until you’re hiding in the bottom of the boat.

Too bad he didn’t have Amanda Palmer’s phone number.

you don’t know how it’s possible to feel total compassion in one moment and total disconnection in the next moment.

you don’t know how things could change so incredibly fast.

you don’t know how to make something, but the instructions are on the internet.

you don’t know how to make sense of this massive parade.

you don’t know how to believe anyone anymore.


you don’t know how to explain yourself.


you don’t know why you let that guy go without shooting him dead and stuffing him in some bushes between cambridge and watertown.

So sweet. Gee, I sure hope she puts it to song. Should sell big in the Boston radio market.

But just so you don’t think all this love and lust is limited to the usual apologetic, smarmy, hating-haters lib-turds, lusty Twitter-tarts, and pondering Bohemian punk artist types, let me assure you this liberal college professor seriously (no, SERIOUSLY) wonders if the Boston police used too much force going after The Brothers Tsarnaev…

Now we have captured the two terrorists from Chechnya who come from the troubled region that is Muslim, but we cannot understand their motives, not yet. And Obama encourages us to refrain.

This said, the mortuary pictures of the older brother of the two are extremely disturbing, raising questions as to whether the Boston Police Department captured him with too much force.

Want to see it? Not pretty, in a “Hey, I said don’t shoot! I’m Che!” sorta way. Note to Prof. Ruth O’Brien of The City University of New York: The gun shot wounds to Tamerlan Tsarnaev were clean shots. The “hamburger-effect” of the body is a result of his little brother running over him with the stolen get-away car as he lie bleeding in the road during the shoot-out.

…Boston has great resonance for terrorists. Selecting the Boston Marathon has great impact and it is going to be felt among the upper middle class: healthy, white, high-income earners who are non-smokers and non-drinkers (though maybe pancake-and-syrup eaters) — those who attend the Boston Marathon or watch it.

Oh, somebody’s pissed this wasn’t some scruffy, white bitter Bible/Constitution/gun clinger.

I do hope we all watch the cleanup or the damage control and hear the words Obama uttered – we should be careful not just to bracket the motives of these terrorists –

Because that is what is important here … that we listen to Obama, and not act stupidly … or something. After all, it’s our fault they hate us, you know.

I really believe Canada could invade and conquer the USA right about now, and some people wouldn’t even notice a difference. After all, Canada is getting pretty damn good at this ‘terrorist plot-busting’ stuff: “Canada to announce arrests after thwarting ‘major terrorist attack'”