Sen. Marco Rubio: Here’s the truth about my plan for immigration reform

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) in Fox News:

Here’s the truth about my plan for immigration reform believe in the value of immigration. We are the most generous nation on earth to immigrants, allowing over one million people a year to come here legally. They come here in pursuit of what we recognize as the American dream – the chance to live in freedom and have the opportunity to work hard to make a better life for themselves and their families.

The problem is that our legal immigration system has been broken for decades. It has enabled 11 million people to come here illegally or overstay visas. It is a bureaucratic and inefficient system that does not address the needs of our economy.

All this has further deepened the American people’s mistrust in the ability of their government to perform basic functions.

Leaving in place a broken immigration system -– and the millions of people whose identities are a mystery to us –- is simply not an acceptable option. This must be fixed.

That is why I am advocating for securing our borders, improving enforcement, modernizing our legal immigration system and changing it so that it prioritizes welcoming people to the U.S. based on skills, not just on whether they have a family member already living here.

And that is why I support a process to identify and register those who are here illegally. They will have to submit biometric data in order to pass multiple national security and criminal background checks, pay $2,000 in fines, pay taxes, and learn English and American civics. They won’t be able to get any federal benefits like welfare or ObamaCare.

Before they can even apply to become permanent residents, they will have to wait at least ten years. They will have to get in line behind those who are trying to come the right way.

They will have to wait until we have a system in place to prevent illegal immigrants from being hired.

They will have to wait until we have a system in place to track people who overstay their visas.

And they will have to wait until we implement plans to spend at least $5.5 billion dollars to secure the border through more border patrol officers, more technology and more fencing.

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21 thoughts on “Sen. Marco Rubio: Here’s the truth about my plan for immigration reform

  1. Sen. Marco Rubio is being very naive or he is acting foolishly by playing into the hands of the Schumers. In either case this immigration deal that Rubio is supporting (and defending) doesn’t make any sense to anyone outside the liberal’s mind when there is a federal government there that is not only refusing to enforce the current immigration laws but that is actually being sued by the law enforcers of ICE because the government is obstructing their functions. I am of the opinion and I am sorry for Sen. Rubio because I thought he was smarter than that, that Rubio is doing great harm to his political career as well as damaging his political ambitions unnecessarily beyond possible repairs. Way too many people throughout the nation including some big fishes like DeMint and many other regular folks that were very pro-Rubio are now having second thoughts of Rubio’s true colors. Rubio better and pronto! puts some distance between him and this infamous gang of eight or he will suffer the consequences of precisely the type of national attention (associations and labeling) that our young Rubio didn’t need to start with. What is Jeb Bush?

  2. This plan as explained by Rubio is not objectionable.
    But my questions are what are the chances of it staying this way with this administration? Why do I read quotes that Rubio says things like the reason he wants illegals legalized is that illegals drive without licenses? Is this not a direct quote from him and if it is not why is there no rebuttal of it?

  3. I don’t believe a single word of it. He forfeited his credibility the minute he locked steps (and doors) with Schmuck Schumer, Menendez, McCain, and the rest of that contemptible hapless gang that has been running circles around him without even so much as his notice. They’re salivating at the thought of getting their agenda thru via the naivete of the junior senator who didn’t blink at the opportunity to work with the vipers and jumped right into bed with them. They’re so adept at the game, like a charming snake they’ve softened him up so that he can’t even notice the damage this bill is cooking, if it clears both houses of Congress. They’ve used him for their PR and now there’s a report that the GOP’ers are poised to compromise on stark naked amnesty without any border enforcement. The bill is nothing but immigrational obamacare.

    The faster they rise, the harder they fall, and it will be too late when he finds out there’s no bed of feathers on impact. Rubio has failed to visit and talk to citizens who live near the border or to support their plight. He’s been hypnotized by the DC glitz that uses him to trumpet bipartisanship. Too bad he appears willing to ram this whole thing through at any cost; it has already cost him my financial support — because I really like the guy. But as a fedup taxpayer, I can’t go for this one. Like a good bbq rib – put a fork in him, he’s done.

  4. I lost faith in him awhile back when he said he didn’t know if his parents came pre or post castro, along with his blatanly fake bio on his senate page. Any 1st generation son of Cuban parents (such as myself) would absolutely know. For him to say “they came in 1958 or 1959” is complete BS. It might fool other people ouside of Cuban decent, but to me he’s just a liar.

  5. I think all these politicians want to be so politically correct that end up betraying the very same principles that they should be standing up for…

    I guess no 2016 shot for Rubio after this one…Here come Hillary, God help us all…

  6. Yes, well said.Yes, just like Paul Ryan, another disappointment. As it goes in Casablanca; we’ll always have Cruz.

  7. Let me be a lone voice advocating waiting and seeing. As Rubio describes the bill here I find nothing objectionable about it. If they water it down, I hope Rubio will vote against it.

    I am reminded of the movie Zelig which was about other things, but what I remember most is the way he was made a hero one minute with a ticker tape parade and the next was the most evil man on earth. This is what Americans like to do to their heroes. They like to love them and like it even more when they can tear heroes down from their heights. And lately I find this a bit too much in conservatives. Liberals don’t eat their own the way we do. Looking for perfection or perfectibility in man is what I expect from liberals, not conservatives.
    Rubio is with us most of the time. I may disagree with a conservative on some things, but I am slower to throw them out because they do one thing I don’t like. I would rather let them know I don’t like that one thing and hope I influence them, and be happy for the many other things they do that I like.
    It’s easy to criticize. In a minute or two Cruz will disappoint us. We cannot be so sacred all the time.
    As Rubio describes this, what do you find objectionable? Don’t tell me that he worked with slimy characters. And don’t answer that you are afraid of the ways it will be changed.
    Someone please tell me what is described here – how does it fall short?

  8. Go look at the bill, all 877+ pages of it, and you can see all that’s objectionable: it creates more layers of bureaucracy, more expenses, less accountability, no hardcore assurance of border security (either to the north or to the south), lots of rules with no clear pathway to enforcement. In short, just another snow job that even Politico affirms will ensure Democratic administrations for many years to come.

    You may not be as sick as I am of the mantra that “our immigration system is broken” but I’ve drawn the line in the sand on this one; and I fired a note to him this morning to advise him, asking him to stop dealing behind our backs with a gang of snakes who have a long history of derailing and disrespecting the rules for the sake of their political ambitions. They literally run circles around him and he’s so dizzy he can’t see straight that the freaking reason the system is “broken” is because EXISTING laws are not enforced, and the ones that are, are selectively so. There is zero need for more laws on the books when illegals from all places cruise by the ones we have, and law enforcement personnel are increasingly frustrated at the sham that immigration enforcement has become. People who don’t see this are willingly blind and there is nothing to discuss with them.

    Perhaps Rubio wanted to hit the ground fast with this as his “signature” issue; but Florida is not California or NM or AZ or Washington state; he is demonstrably clueless about what is taking place at and near the borders.

  9. And one last thing, and this is the most frightening of all: the new law would grant all kinds of discretionary powers to the secretary of DHS. That means selective application of the law on steroids. If that doesn’t scare the wits out of you, you’ve some serious problems.

  10. It looks like Rubio’s meteoric rise as an outsider was short lived. I am relieved that some here see through the facade. Many times the label “Cuban” makes one immune to honest criticism and receives undue praise. He is no different than other politicians just trying to advance their careers while selling out on those that got them there. Amnesty for illegals is just that, amnesty.

    As George said I am glad I am a Conservative and not a Republican. Marco, as well as the rest of the GOP are just DNC lite. Any of the GOP could have run as a Dem just a few years back. I just hope others that sing his praises for the wrong reasons wake up and smell the roses.

  11. No one is paying attention to me on this one. But I don’t care. If it turns out I have been duped, I will admit it, but no one has yet given me one specific from the bill that contradicts what Rubio says here.

  12. I remember back when some of us were worried that he might not fully stand behind conservative principles when the pressure got intense. I beleive it was Val who inquired of him and asked him to assure us that he would stay true and not become another RINO. So what happened? As usual, all that glimmers is not gold and we have been duped. What hurts most is I feel he has put us to shame, -I know, I shouldn’t take this personally,- but I do.
    I agree with George,…’dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres’…in other words, you are defined by the company you keep.

  13. Another way to look at it, George, is that he is forcing them to move to the right. I would like someone to answer my question. What in what he says here is upsetting to you.

  14. The American Spectator’s website has a very good piece today titled “Read the Fine Print, Senator” –I don’t post links, but there’s the info, with just a few of the objectionable contents of the proposal; a good read for all those who refuse to see – I mean, who don’t want to read the bill themselves.

  15. Thank you, Gigi. I copied it and pasted it and sent it to someone who answered the phone for Rubio in Washington. I told him I wanted answers, especially about the left wing groups that will be educating immigrants on our dime and not homeland security and all the extra that this is going to cost. He told me if the bill does not say what Rubio thinks it does, he will not sign it.
    He gave me a link on Rubio’s website if you wish in the meantime:

  16. “Honey, when you lie down with liberals you wake up with fleas…”

    And something much worse that cannot be printed here, lol…

    Hah, the smell of politicians stepping on their own created crap…

  17. Perhaps we’re jumping the gun, but there’s clearly cause for concern. Even before this, I worried Rubio might prove too shallow, too slick, too facile. There were (to me) certain potential red flags, like the cheerleader wife, the premature book about him, and the “rap music expert” business. Maybe the celebrity status has gone to his head or clouded his judgment. He’s very young for a politician, and he could easily overestimate his own skills and underestimate the cunning and deviousness of others. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be the proverbial flash in the pan.

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