Travelzoo promotes Cuba trips–gets a serious “SOPLA-MOCO!” from customer


From Travelzoo:

“The ban on travel to Cuba was eased for U.S. citizens in the past two years, alllowing a small number of companies to hold “people-to-people licenses” to legally bring travelers from the States; this is what allowed Beyoncé and Jay-Z to visit Cuba this month.

“Sopla-Moco” from customer below:

I have been a Travelzoo subscriber for several years and have taken advantage of many of your fine promotions.

Today, however, I was so disappointed, even disgusted, to see a Cuba vacation listed on the Top 20. Worse, it is described as an opportunity to “immerse yourself in Cuba’s history, culture…”

Let’s get one thing straight. Visitors to Cuba see nothing more than an alternate “reality” produced by one of the world’s most advanced propaganda machines.

The real Cuba of the past 50+ years has been a hell hole of totalitarian property confiscation, political imprisonment, torture, and murder that, proportionally to its population, far exceeds the visciousness of Stalin’s Russia. Useful idiots like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Michael Moore, and countless other ignorant Hollywood elites should talk to some of the Cuban nationals who managed to escape Fidel’s and Che’s brutality. But they won’t talk to these courageous exiles, who are the real freedom fighters of Cuba. They won’t talk to them because they don’t care to upset their Cuban fantasy that has no basis in reality. This, while the unjust imprisonment, torture, and murder still goes on to this day.

If you insist on advertising vacations to Cuba, at least honestly represent it for what it is – a propaganda tour. Don’t bill at as a realistic education in Cuba’s history and culture, as it is anything but.

Someone has to speak out against this. I guess today it had to be me.

Vicki Goodman

And here’s the astounding part(!!!): Our friend Vicki Goodman does not live anywhere near Miami-Dade–and she doesn’t even have any Cuban-American in-laws!!!

But she does read Townhall. and Babalu Blog.



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  1. Humberto, I believe that this is the first time in the 16 billion year history of the universe that the words “sopla-moco” were used in a blog post title. Congrats.

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