Cuba “EXPERTISE(!)” from “Da Best and Da Brightest (!)”


“I’ve dealt with a fairly rich number of exiles in the past but none can compare with the Cuban group for genuine stupidity and militant childishness. At times I feel sorry for Fidel Castro—a sculptor in silly putty.” (Desmond Fitzgerald, CIA head of the Cuban Task Force 1962)

Desmond Fitzgerald, (Harvard Law LL.D., Kennedy family-intimate, appointed by JFK as chief of the “Cuban Task Force” in 1962), you see, was at wits end (!!!) with Cuban exiles. These insufferable hot-heads kept trying to convince this Kennedy family favorite that–for his anti-Castro project Operation Mongoose–he was hiring a shit-load of Castro double-agents! But these insufferable crackpots warning him obviously did not qualify as Cuba “experts,” you see.

Then in:

In 1987 Cuban Intelligence Officer Florentino Aspillaga defected in Prague and revealed that every Cuban agent (4 dozen of them) the CIA had recruited to spy on the Castro regime since 1962 was in fact double-agent controlled personally by Fidel Castro.

Then yesterday, here at Babalu we reported:

how as late as 1975 the U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Harvard A.B., summa cum laude 1950, M.A. 1952, PhD 1954) was personally autographing expensive Rolex watches to thank some of these agents for their invaluable service to the U.S.!

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6 thoughts on “Cuba “EXPERTISE(!)” from “Da Best and Da Brightest (!)”

  1. It got to the point in April ’63, Asombra, where Jose Miro Cardona himself yelled “you’re a sona-beeeech!” to Bobby Kennedy, stormed out of his office, resigned from everything, and moved to Costa Rica. He finally realized the Best and Brightest had been simply toying with Cuban exiles for two years.

  2. Toying, yes, but ineptly and to no avail. It’s one thing not to have given a shit about what became of Cuba, but if they were going to get involved anyway, they could have at least done a tolerably creditable job of it. Ineptitude hardly begins to describe it.

  3. This nation, despite its virtues, is also one big bluff. Its arrogant stupidity and two-face nature is catching up with it and more evidently so these days than ever before. How can it not? The mentality that made USA great is far from the mentality that has been prevailing for some time now.

    Right now we know that not even a Ronald Reagan would be able to win an election the way he did, or any way for that matter, and that’s only within a 25 year timespan. Obama himself would have been a joke just 15 years ago. At such pace what am I to think. The white stupidity, the Mexican invasion, the destroyed public education system, the liberal media, the moronic foreign policy, the increasing dependency on government, etc. This nation has been succumbing and degrading to leftism since the mid 20th century and it’s culminating. By now, forget not going beyond the original 13 colonies, this current population would have probably lost them to France.

    Obviously USA is too big and too much of a load bearing power to come to some screeching halt as if it were Greece or Venezuela but the train this population has inherited sure is loosing momentum. They haven’t learned anything along the way and many will the hard way, if that.

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