Dope-Fiends, Drunkards and Adulterers!–OH MY!


Rolling Stone Keith Richards and the recently-deceased country music idol George Jones (who was also idolized by Keith)

….one of the above was idolized by “hippies” and “degenerates”–the other by “pious, abstemious, family-folks and middle-America” types…so who was the worse drunk, dope-fiend and adulterer?…and whose wife ACTUALLY “stood my her man?”

Every shred of evidence points to the gentlemen on the Keefter’s left as the worse violator of all things “Middle-America” holds dear…


…and Tammy Wynette “stood by her man” for exactly 6 years…Patti Hanson “stands by hers” (Keith Richards) 30 and counting…

(Bueno y alguien me pudiera explicar que carajo tiene que ver esto con Cuba???–pero la verdad que a este Fontova le encanta joder!)



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