Win a trip to Hell !!!!! Enjoy watching the torments of the damned in air-conditioned comfort !!!

Hey, Mildred, let’s enter this contest!  Yee -hah, hot diggetty-dawg…..  Cuba, here we come.

What’s that you say, Mildred?  It’s too poor and depressing?  Too hot?  Naaah.  Just think of it as a chance to visit Hell and gawk at the damned.  Imagine the bragging rights we’ll earn.  Best of all,  we’ll be shielded from the suffering.

…and the natives are so enchanting!

Aaah, paradise, at last !!!!

‘Win a Trip to Cuba for Two’ sweepstakes launched

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. – Do you dream of taking a jaunt across Cuba to discover the country’s rich history, culture and landscapes? Or an exclusive glimpse of daily Cuban life through touching exchanges with the local artists and musicians? Insight Cuba, the leader in legal, small group people-to-people travel for U.S. citizens, is turning those dreams into reality while travel to this enigmatic country is legal for only the third time in 50 years. The licensed tour operator is offering consumers the chance to explore the once-forbidden island with its “Win a Trip to Cuba for Two” Facebook sweepstakes, running now through June 17th.

To participate, users are invited to ‘Like’ the Insight Cuba Facebook page and enter via the “Win a Trip to Cuba for Two” tab at the top. The winner will be selected at random on June 18th to receive a free trip for two on the tour of choice: Undiscovered Cuba, Cuban Music & Art or Classic Cuba. Full sweepstakes terms and conditions are listed on the Facebook page.

The grand prize includes roundtrip airfare from Miami to Havana; first-class accommodations, meals and activities as outlined in the itinerary; U.S. Department of the Treasury License and Letter of Authorization; Insight Cuba tour leader and Cuban guide; entrance fees to scheduled activities; in-country ground transportation and transfers; in-country airfare (where applicable); travel health insurance; emergency medical evacuation; trip cancellation coverage (up to $1,000); Insight Cuba travel guidebook; and 24-hour emergency service.

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6 thoughts on “Win a trip to Hell !!!!! Enjoy watching the torments of the damned in air-conditioned comfort !!!

  1. It is rumored that Eusebio Leal, Mr. Old Havana and a major Castro minion, has “encouraged” placing these “typical” black Cuban women with huge cigars in prime tourist areas. Tourists love them, apparently (such a great photo op, obviously). Mr. Leal, btw, was one of the signers of the 2003 public letter supporting the execution of three black Cuban men for trying to escape from Massah Fidel’s plantation.

  2. They also have the black men with the cigar for “tourism” pics $5.00 gets you a memorable photo you can throw away once you land in Wisconsin, or Arkansas.

  3. Maybe we should all enter, and if one of us wins, hold a press conference and say we insist on designing our own tour: visiting the imprisoned journalists, going to the homes of the Ladies in White, and bringing aid to the bloggers. Then when we don’t get permission to do this, we can rip up the tickets and throw them back at the organizers with some choice words.

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