4 thoughts on “Photo of the day – The ‘Not-So-Cool’ Ché Guevara

  1. Pretty scrawny for a soldier or an alpha male dictating, endorsing labor camps for homosexuals, and even killing on the grounds of representing exemplary masculinity and what a man, the “new man”, should be. Oh wait, he never was any of the two.

    I had more muscles than this shithead as an adolescent and I wasn’t even part of the ROTC. I was just a kid lifting occasionally to satisfy my own testosterone, appealing to the opposite sex, and working construction on weekends. Oh yes, I don’t think Che ever did any work either, did he.

    And while men in Cuban streets were being stopped and not permitted to have long hair under claims of subversion, he kept his long. How interesting then that I have always been right-wing because according to Che right-wingers are the very slavish, destructive, conceited, and useless shit he himself was.

    Honestly, we know Americans still remain two-face and foreign policy morons but that Cuban generation, the one that put this scum into power, had to have been one hell of a stupid and spoiled bunch.

  2. Che looks like a classic slacker/stoner BS artist, even if he believed his BS. Note the overly large, clunky and coarse hands, and the marked frontal bossing of the skull above the eyebrows. These are dysmorphic features which suggest he had some “tara” (genetic defect), as they used to say in Cuba. Note also that an ordinary snapshot is not the same as a photo taken and processed by a professional photographer who happened to “get lucky.”

  3. The arrogant Argentinian asshole was an asthmatic loser all his life. Practically all he touched went sour. His only real success came after he was killed, and that success was not his doing–nor was it based on the real him, but on a myth built around him. A free Cuba should be officially and thoroughly cleansed of every vestige of this noxious, toxic alien, just as post-WWII Germany was de-Nazified. Frankly, I think all “Latin” would-be models are suspect and should be treated with great skepticism.

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