Hell hosts tourism fair; millions of hedonists expected

The tourists’ Cuba, according to Live Trading News

Yeah, baby, come on down… we are a hedonist’s paradise, as long as you are not a hedonist from Cuba.

We’ve got nothing to offer you but luxury and excess, yeah….
Oooooh, baby, yeah, we will shield you from the misery, squalor, repression, and deprivation of the natives.

The Devil himself could not have dreamed up a more ironic and cynical situation.   One must admit, on this account, the Castro brothers have bested the Prince of Lies and made Hitler and Stalin and measly little Botha from the old South Africa  look like dolts.

Imagine this:  “Tourism Fair in Third Reich”… or “Tourism Fair in the Gulag.”  Or, imagine this: “Tourism Fair in Apartheid South Africa.”

The real Cuba
The real Cuba

From Live Trading News:

33rd International Tourism Fair in Cuba

The emblematic beach of Varadero, a major Cuban tourism destination about 140 km east of Havana in the province of Matanzas, will host the 33rd International Tourism Fair from 7 to 11 May.

At a press conference on Sunday, Ivis Fernandez, representative of the Cuban Tourism Ministry (Mintur) in Matanzas, said Varadero is ready for the fair, adding that the 2013 edition will be attended by delegations from 17 countries.

Fernandez said on 7 May there will be a speech by Cuban Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero on the island’s tourism development and perspectives.

The official mentioned other activities such as a Drum Party, where members of the Abrader Academy of Dance will share the stage with their counterparts of a Brazilian School of Samba.

Also a food festival will be held to promote the best Cuban culinary culture….

….In Y 2012 Cuba received more than 2 million vacationers and is expected to welcome nearly 3 million tourists this year, which would be a record for the island country.

At present, the island has 335 hotels and a total lodging capacity of 58,434 rooms, with 65 percent of those classified as four or five stars facility.

Tourism is Cuba’s second source of foreign exchange, after the export of technical and professional services, with a revenue of US$2-B a year.



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  1. That’s 3 million amoral accomplices of totalitarian hell. And no, they don’t have a problem with that. It’s not just that they don’t give a shit–it’s that they’re spending money to prove it. But I’m not bitter or anything. I mean, I’m just a little Caribbean person of color who should have been content with free health care (of sorts) and free education (expressly designed to make me like Che). So party on!

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