In Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Cuba

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

In Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Cuba
A Call for Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Cuba.

Declaration of Saratoga

May 6, 2013

People of Cuba, Camagüey, Cuba and compatriots all:

We are a group of nonviolent human rights and opposition pro-democracy activists that have gathered here today at the emblematic Saratoga neighborhood in the city of Camagüey, where after a sustained exchange and fruitful working meeting, we present to the world this historic declaration , in which we set out the following points of view:

  1. Our most firm and unconditional support to our brothers of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) that in the east of the country are struggling between life and death on hunger strike. We hold publicly responsible the regime and its political police of the consequences for their lives and health that may result from their just demand for an arbitrarily imprisoned brother. Receive each and every one of the strikers and the members and officers of the iconic and courageous organization, the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), headed by well-known opposition leader José Daniel Ferrer García our deepest solidarity and affection.
  2. Those present took the opportunity to publicly call world attention to the unfortunate case of Nicolás Felipe González Menéndez and Arcelio López Rojas, in the prisons of Villa Clara and Camagüey respectively that might lose their lives in separate hunger strikes and that for different reasons are carrying out. The cases of Nicolás and Arcelio have the paradoxical, and for us unacceptable silence and indifference both of the media as well as a few activists in and out of Cuba, who for the simple reason are not recognized as political prisoners, they are denied coverage and monitoring.

Know those who are listening to us that we are gathered here today and each one of all the prisoners in Cuba, whether or not they have the status of political prisoners, whatever the causes for which they were imprisoned, have the right of solidarity for and with them. And for who lacks courage to do it, know that today convened here in Saratoga, openly and responsibly we are for all those in Cuba and elsewhere in the world who risk their lives in the just demand of their rights.

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3 thoughts on “In Solidarity with Hunger Strikers in Cuba

  1. I oppose hunger strikes, which are almost always no-win situations. Cuba doesn’t need dead heroes, but live ones.

  2. The problem is that in Cuba all the enemies of the regime are self-declared ‘pacifists’. This makes it real easy for the regime. All the regime needs to do,is to marginalize them, make an arrest here and there.

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