Princess Mariela Castro warmly welcomed at Cuba Libre Restaurant

Mariela Castro and Cuba Libre chef Guillermo Pernot with Equality Forum's Malcolm Lazin (seated). Castro's husband, Paolo Titolo, is photographing Cuba Libre's interior at left.
Mariela Castro and Cuba Libre chef Guillermo Pernot with Equality Forum’s Malcolm Lazin (seated). Castro’s husband, Paolo Titolo, is photographing Cuba Libre’s interior at left.

The national press in the USA has let everyone know that demon spawn Mariela Castro accepted an unmerited award in Philadelphia last weekend and that she visited the Liberty Bell and other local sights.

The local press has added one more detail: the celebrated “sexologist” also went to one of Philly’s two faux-Cuban restaurants, Cuba Libre.

So, Princess Mariela doubled down on irony while in Philadelphia, going from the Liberty Bell to a restaurant that ostensibly celebrates a Free Cuba.

Cuba Libre Restaurant opened in Philadelphia in the early 2000’s and its success has allowed it to branch out to Atlantic City, Washington D.C., and Orlando.  (Web site HERE.)

The owner of Cuba Libre — who is not Cuban — has been a genius at marketing an image as well as an overpriced menu that would give an “embolia” to most of the older diners at Versailles or La Carreta in Miami.

In 2003 he vowed to provide free drinks for everyone, all night long, whenever Fidel Castro dies.  This writer was present when he made such a promise at the Philadelphia restaurant.

Great for publicity, yes, but a hypocritical gesture.  It seems that such a promise was never mentioned to Princess Mariela and her entourage, and that publicity trumped principles this past weekend.

Allowing the Princess to set foot in the ironically-named Cuba Libre Restaurant was as shameful and reprehensible as granting her a visa to visit the U.S. and bestowing her with an award.   The glibness with which her visit to Cuba Libre was reported added insult to the injury.

Bastards, all of them. Cabrones. $#@!*&^@!

So, please, keep this great betrayal of the Cuban people in mind the next time you find yourself looking for a place to dine in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Washington D.C. , or Orlando.  The Cuba Libre restaurant chain does not care in the least for the freedom of the Cuban people.


Castro’s daughter at Cuba Libre

In town to accept an award from the Equality Forum for her gay-rights advocacy, Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and niece of former President Fidel Castro, stopped for Sunday brunch at Cuba Libre in Old City with her husband. And plenty of security.

(What? You thought she went out for cheesesteaks at Geno’s?)



5 thoughts on “Princess Mariela Castro warmly welcomed at Cuba Libre Restaurant

  1. It’s all part of a well-crafted charm offensive. Mariela like the rest of that slimbucket family has a goebbelian PR machine at their disposal. The regime understands all too well that despite her critics, “the best defense is a strong offense.” Continue with the offense and let the few naysayers criticize her. With a compliant and castro friendly US mainsteam media and a docile and indifferent or woefully inadequate exile community opposing her, she has nothing to lose.

    Problem with the exile community is that we never take the offensive. All that we do [and we are doing less of that lately] is to react.

  2. This visit is utterly nauseating! I ate there a few months ago, and the “Cuban” food was as ‘faux’ as a plastic puerco with lipstick. Overpriced? Based on the prices, you would think the place was run by the FAR.

  3. If dirtbags using and profiting from Cuba weren’t so common, I’d be angrier, but Pernot will have to take a number and get in line, a VERY long line. People like this, who freely choose to play along with Mariela as if it were just a harmless game, are actually worse than she is, or at least I find them more contemptible. Nothing she does should surprise; the only surprising thing about her is that she’s not even more vile, considering her parents and upbringing. As for that useful idiot (or more likely hypocrite) Lazin, he fully looks the part, and furthermore, as Norm might say on “Cheers,” he’s too ugly to be gay.

  4. Pernot was born in Argentina (surprise!), and what he offers is not OUR Cuban food it but his non-Cuban idea of “what Cuba’s cuisine would be like today, if it had continued to flourish beyond the golden era of the 1950s.” Right. He previously worked in Miami, where he led the kitchen at the Estefans’ South Beach restaurant, Allioli (surprise again!). He has a Cuban wife who is reportedly descended from Cuba’s third president, presumably Mario García Menocal (I will refrain from stating the painfully obvious). He has visited Cuba several times and is involved in hosting chefs from Cuba and leading group culinary tours to Cuba:

    In other words, this guy is NOT perceived as any sort of enemy by Castro, Inc., and I doubt Mariela “just popped in” at his Philadelphia restaurant by chance or coincidence without knowing anything about him–and the fact that she did should raise his standing with Castro, Inc.

    So, needless to say, calling his reaturants “Cuba Libre” appears to be a joke in exceedingly bad taste.

  5. Far be it from the Philly Inquirer to call a spade a spade. “President” it is. And I love this from its Mariela article:

    “Castro, who was to receive an award Saturday night for her advocacy, also defended her country’s government, which has been accused of repressing political dissent.”

    So Castro, Inc. has been “accused” of repression, but of course, it’s just an accusation or allegation. Nobody’s saying it’s necessarily true or anything. How these people even remotely expect respect is simply beyond me.

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