On Castro “monsters”: Final exam question — compare and contrast…. no extra credit.

The Cleveland Castros
The Cleveland Castro brothers
A meditation on the words of Enrique del Risco, cited earlier today on Babalu:
“Brothers named Castro hold people against their will and with no contact with the outside world. Protests were made but no one paid any attention to them. Why am I having this sensation of déjà vu?”

Talk about hitting the nail on the head.  Yes!  This is the first thing that came to my mind when the news broke.

The parallels are striking, and the shared surname lends an eerie glow to the misdeeds on the shores of Lake Erie.

But striking parallels can sometimes obfuscate matters rather than shed light on the truth.  The Castro brothers in Cleveland can’t really be compared to their doppelgangers in Cuba.

First and foremost,the Cleveland Castros are Puerto Ricans.

Second,  two of the Cleveland Castros seem to be guiltless, at least for the time being, as evidence continues to be gathered.  Notice the difference in body language in the photo above.

In the case of the country formerly known as Cuba, two brothers share the same guilt.  Both are sociopaths who have kidnapped, enslaved, and continually raped an entire nation — raped it so violently that it is now unrecognizable, or incapable of recognizing its own name.  And the third brother, Ramon, has played the role of village idiot so well that 99.9% of the world doesn’t even know he exists.

The Cuban Castro brothers
The Cuban Castro brothers

Third, the chief cretin in Cleveland, Ariel Castro, only enslaved three women, and only seems to have aborted five fetuses.

“Only” is such a relative term.  Fidel and Raul Castro have “only” killed tens of thousands, “only” imprisoned and tortured hundreds of thousands, and “only” driven two million people into exile. And they have “only” ruined a single nation.

Fourth, while the civilized world is horrified by the actions of the Cleveland Castro — who is glibly labelled a “monster”  and whose sordid lair is dubbed a “house of horrors”– the same civilized world holds the Cuban Castros in high esteem and flocks to visit their house of horrors, to have a good time, gawk at the captives, screw them, and exploit them in every conceivable way.

Fifth, those in the civilized world who dare to call the Cuban Castros “monsters” or to identify their island slave plantation as a “house of horrors” are not only considered imbalanced or insane, but are actually reviled as regressive troglodytes.

Sixth, and seventh, and eighth, and ninth, and tenth…. ad infinitum…. while justice is bound to be served in the case of the “monster” Castro in Cleveland, no justice whatsoever seems to be forthcoming in the case of the two “monsters” who hold eleven million bodies captive and deny another two million the right to reclaim what is rightfully theirs — especially their right to live as free men and women in the land of their birth.

No justice.  None.  Zero.  At least, that’s where things seem to stand, way into the foreseeable future.

But, then, again, there is that Final Judgment that Christians await all too patiently, when the ultimate justice will be meted out.

Ah, yes, that moment, so long delayed.

Ariel Castro, the Cleveland “monster” will not have to wait until then, or even endure the horrors of  Armageddon.   Fidel and Raul Castro, in contrast,  seem to be gleefully immune from such an immediate settlement of accounts.  Even worse,  they are on the upswing now, riding the crest of Raul’s “reforms” and of innumerable calls for “reconciliation.”

They are building golf resorts, with condominiums, so the world can join in their gang rape of the entire nation formerly known as Cuba.

Fore !!!!

God help us all.  Jesus Christ, Son of David, have mercy on us sinners.

Must you be angry with us Cubans forever?

Never mind such impertinence….  You already gave us the answer to that question, and it doesn’t sit well with us.



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  1. But, but, but Professor Eire, I need that extra credit so that I can pass this class and get into law school. Can I write a term paper for extra credit? I promise I won’t download it from the Internet.

  2. Professor Eire, I also promise that my term paper will be anti-Castro and critical of the dictatorship. I have been having personal problems this semester because my psychiatrist changed my medications, my boyfriend dumped me and my parents are getting divorced. I will also lose my scholarship if I don’t get a C+ in your class and I will be put on academic probation. Is there anything, anything, I can do for you to pass this class? Let me know if anything comes up.

  3. To Antonio: Yes, you can earn 15 points for painting my house, 10 points for repaving my driveway, and 5 points for legally changing your name to Howdy Doody.

    To Asombra: Yes, but that’s no ordinary corset. It’s made from human skin.

  4. Professor Eire, I am so, soooooo, grateful that you will give me 25 extra points for just painting your house and repaving your driveway, and I don’t have to do the term paper. My daddy lives in New Canaan and is very rich and says he will be sending the work crews to your house on Saturday with paint samples. I’ll tell all my sorority sisters to take your class because you are sooooo wonderful.

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