Castro Kingdom seeks to diversify its exports in the slave labor market

Award-winning construction work in Havana
Award-winning construction work in Havana

Yes!  The exporting of slave physicians has worked so well for the Castro Kingdom that they are now seeking to export other types of slaves.

You know the routine: send skilled professionals and laborers abroad, charge foreigners a discount rate for their work, pocket 95% of the fees those countries shell out for that work and pay the laborers about 5% of the take.

Factor this in, too: in the island formerly known as Cuba, all construction projects are for foreign tourists, and now Cuban architects, engineers, and construction workers will be shipped overseas.   Which means, of course, that nothing at all is being built for Cubans.

Viva la Revolucion!

And you also know this, of course: this devilish deal is very attractive, especially to countries in Latrine America and Europe, where governments have no qualms about exploiting  Cuban slave labor.

What these weasels don’t bother to check very carefully up front is the quality of the beasts of burden they are buying.  In this case, hiring Cuban construction workers will most probably prove no different than hiring Cuban physicians.  In other words, the weasels are courting disaster.

Buyer beware, even after you’ve sidestepped the ethical hurdle.  The Castro Kingdom has mastered the art of wrapping its junk –as well as its lies and injustices — in attractive packages.


Cuba offering construction services at fair in Europe

Venturing into the European construction market, the Cuban construction ministry (MICONS) is offering services of its companies at a fair in Spain.

MICONS will be exhibiting at the Construmat 2013 fair May 21-24 in Barcelona, offering project management, technical assistance and contracting of skilled labor, such as engineers, technicians and specialized workers. The Cuban delegation will include executives of the Office of the Historian, which oversees the restoration of Old Havana, as well as the Company of Projects and Engineering Services, and PALCO Corporation.

The effort to open up the Spanish and European construction market follows the success Cuba’s healthcare and sports sectors have had with service exports, which became Cuba’s largest hard-currency generator a decade ago, surpassing tourism.

The ministry’s Project Division has 30 years experience with total and partial designs, particularly in restoration of historical buildings and tourism-related projects.

This is not the first time Cuba is exporting construction services. State company Quality Couriers International, which is not participating in the Barcelona fair, has provided turnkey projects in Vietnam, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Libya, Angola and elsewhere.



2 thoughts on “Castro Kingdom seeks to diversify its exports in the slave labor market

  1. This is still more proof that the only and ultimate goal of the regime is self-survival, infinite perpetuation. Once raul “retires” the goal is to pass it along to another castro. Wasn’t the restoration of Havana another “success” of the revolution? According to the parrots of the regime, Batista was going to tear down Old Havana and built in its place casinos, but along came castro and saved it. Then according to the fairytale, magnimous as always, fidel created the Office of the City Historian and today, Old Havana is saved and in the process of a glorious retoration and the envy of urban restorers all over the world.

    Yet, now, we hear that the regime is going to rent out the crew that is alleging doing this restoration of Old Havana and I presume jeopardise the glorious restoration taking place. Because truth be said, and contrary to the fairytale, only a handful of buildings in Old Havana have been restored. The vast majority of buildings in Havana are falling apart and needs armies of architects, engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, artisans, in other words, it cannot spare one restorer.

    Just like in the case of medicine, where the masses sacrificed and Cuban doctors are sent all over the world and Cuban medicine is used to tourists, I see that Havana is going to be sacrificed too. Well, nothing new here: the show [ur, er, regime] must go on!

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