Backdoor Capitalism: Cuba’s Golf Courses for Elite Foreigners Get Green Light


Isn’t that great? Now all those Hollywood visitors can now drag their expensive golf clubs along on these trips to paradise. Gee, I sure hope they get them completed so Obama can be the first Prezzy to golf in Cuba during the ongoing and endless “Revolution”…

BBC – Five decades after Fidel Castro ordered Cuba’s golf courses to be closed down because he considered them “elitist”, the island’s communist government has approved the construction of a luxury golf resort, complete with an 18-hole course.

The $350m (£227m) Carbonera Club proposed by British firm Esencia is the first to get the green light, with a dozen similar initiatives still under consideration.

The move is a sign of the changing times here, as the government seeks new revenue sources to fund its socialist revolution.

“It will be a major complement to the tourist offering of [the resort town of] Varadero and the start of a whole new policy to increase the presence of golf in Cuba,” Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero told the BBC during a visit to Varadero.

He confirmed that a formal deal had been reached for a joint venture between Esencia and the Cuban government to develop the Carbonera resort, a short distance along the coast.

“We’ve been working on this for seven years, step by step, so we’re very excited it’s finally going to happen,” Esencia’s CEO Andrew McDonald said on a tour of the 170-hectare (420-acre) site.

Mr McDonald said he expected building work to begin next year on a design which would transform the area.

As well as the golf course, the plans include the construction of an exclusive, gated community of some 650 apartments and villas.

There will also be a hotel and a country club, complete with tennis courts, spa and a yacht club.


Yeah, looking forward to that PGA or LPGA tour setting up there.

So next time Beyoncee visits she can say how much Cuba has grown and thrived … again without ever leaving the creature comforts of her resort. Nevermind the Cuban people will not be permitted to set-up and build their own businesses to grow from this. And if they do, they will be completely regulated and beholding to the Cuban government for their every move.

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3 thoughts on “Backdoor Capitalism: Cuba’s Golf Courses for Elite Foreigners Get Green Light

  1. Asombra:”Photo caption: Frauds in costume clowning around.” BINGO!

    Interesting how step by step Cuba is becoming what castro [consumate liar that he is] said that it was pre-59. So, a golf course and gated Community? We had a “revolution” and 54 years of sacrifice for this?

    At least in 59, Cuba’s exclusive communities were populated by Cubans. Now, its going to be populated—like one of those bullshit Hollywood movies—by foreigners.

  2. The “revolution” was always a fraud, a perverse con game; its real goal was absolute power for the few at the top, in perpetuity. Yes, there were some true believers, especially at first, but that happens with even the most bizarre cult. They were always a minority, however, heavily outnumbered by the infantile wishful thinkers, by those driven by envy or resentment, and by the hordes of opportunists who saw an easy way to rise based on mere politics–no merit or talent required. While Cubans brought the disaster upon themselves, the outside world, in effect, conspired to keep them mired in it for decades, and even many Cubans who managed to get out became enablers of the regime. Predictably enough, the longer that Cubans on the island were exposed to totalitarian poison (which affects every aspect of society) the more they became debased or deformed by the inevitable contamination. Thus, a kind of vicious circle was established, making it increasingly difficult to get rid of the underlying problem–a ruthless totalitarian system comparable to the monster in “Alien.” The prettiest poison is always the most dangerous.

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