Abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty of three counts of First Degree Murder. They were 3 out of 4 charges against him in the death of born alive babies from botched late term abortions in his Philadelphia abortion clinic. Gosnell was also found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a patient who died the day after having a Gosnell abortion procedure. There are more than 250 criminal counts against Gosnell that the jury had to deliberate on and come to a verdict over the better part of the last two weeks. The penalty phase is next, and could come as early as next week. The jury will be under a strict “gag-order” while considering if Gosnell’s crimes deserve a ‘death penalty’ sentencing. Gosnell never took the witness stand to defend himself, and his defense never called any witnesses on his behalf.

I will update the verdicts as they become available.

And the democrats take to Twitter.

Planned Parenthood’s statement on the Gosnell verdict(s):

Planned Parenthood applauded the verdict on Monday, saying in a statement that “The jury has punished Kermit Gosnell for his appalling crimes.”

“This verdict will ensure that no woman is victimized by Kermit Gosnell ever again,” said Planned Parenthood spokesman Eric Ferrero. “This case has made clear that we must have and enforce laws that protect access to safe and legal abortion, and we must reject misguided laws that would limit women’s options and force them to seek treatment from criminals like Kermit Gosnell.”

Apparently the 3 verdicts of first degree murder of 3 BABIES completely escapes Planned Parenthood who push the idea (last sentence) that abortion should have no regulations or restrictions. They completely obliterate their condemnation of Gosnell with their twisted logic.

Dr. Manny Alvarez: Let the Gosnell verdict be a warning to others



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  1. Maggie, the grotesque irony of the statement may escape them, but I doubt it. I think it’s just cynical lip service, which they probably resent having to give. In any case, they’re trying not to let a crisis go to waste, like you-know-who (imagine that). These people are so hardened to the realities of the abortion racket that, as long as the woman can “get rid of it,” no matter how advanced the pregnancy or how the “thing” is killed, they’re OK with it. It’s all about the woman’s “choice,” which ultimately goes back to her choice to be irresponsible in the vast majority of cases. That’s fine by them, and they will defend such irresponsibility tooth and nail, but the choice-less living creature involved means absolutely nothing.

    Their response to the Gosnell horror boils down to no restrictions on late abortions, which are technically illegal in PA, and which they blame for the Gosnell situation. In other words, they simply want what Gosnell did to be done with good hygiene, proper anesthesia and more professional efficiency, but we’re still talking about the SAME thing, only cosmetically “cleaned up.” This means they’re entirely missing the point, and I exect that’s deliberate.

  2. asombra –

    Watch for my follow-up post on deck that will be going up at 5:00…

    Addresses much of what you said.

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