Cuba’s dictatorship hawking slave labor at Spanish construction business fair

It is really quite incredible how the dictatorship of the Castro brothers can so openly hawk the slave labor of Cubans with complete impunity and without any fear of reprisals. It is as if the world has decided the price of Cuba’s slave labor is too good to ruin it with any sense of common decency or humanity. So what if Cubans are enslaved? As long as we get cheap labor, Cuban rum, and Cuban cigars, it’s all good.

Via Cuba Headlines:

Cuba Proposes its Construction Services in Barcelona

Cuba will take its export services to the 18th Construction Fair of Barcelona, Spain, to take place May 21-24.

Given the island’s significant and skilled human resources, the offer includes technical assistance and labor through the hiring of university professionals, technicians and specialized workers in all construction areas.

Cuba will also propose project management in case of new investment plans; refurbishing and repairs, and the remodeling of the built stock, as well as a technical advice for technological and organizational solutions.

Cuban deputy Construction minister Normando Herrera told reporters in Havana that the island will share the experience of its Project Division, which was created 30 years ago. This initiative will be exhibited through the processing, calculation of  total of partial designs, along with the specialized installation of multi-disciplinary equipment, structures, cooling and sanitary systems and other projects.

The Barcelona fair, known as Construmat 2013, includes a business forum on short-term tourist projects.
The Cuban delegation to the event is made up of representatives of the Office of Havana’s Historian, the Company of Projects and Engineering Services  and the PALCO entrepreneurial corporation.

The group will be headed by first deputy Construction minister  Angel Vilaragut.



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  1. It’s not slave labor if all the “right” people treat it as perfectly acceptable. You know, like abortion.

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