Swimmer pursues dream to reach England from Third Reich


Gotcha!  Humberto Fontova style…. Jawhol, Herr Kommandant….sehr gut, aber schrecklich.

No, of course, this has nothing to do with the Second World War, or Nazis, but we’ve caught your attention.

You guessed it: totally clueless Diana Nyad is at it again.   She intends to try her Cuba-to-Florida swim again.

Yeah.  And, regardless of how that offensive attempt goes, she is also determined to reach for other personal goals, like swimming for 48 hours straight in Times Square, in New York City, in some fetid tank.

For Nyad, as for anyone who has dealings with the Castro Kingdom, it is always about something personal rather than about ethical absolutes, such as the line between right and wrong, evil or good, or slavery and freedom.

Yeah.  It’s all about ME. Me, me, me….. to hell with ethics, or monstrous regimes.

So, back to the headline….. Yeah, Nyad’s attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida are immensely offensive.

Imagine what might have ensued if someone had proposed swimming from Nazi-occupied Calais to Dover in 1943, and the press had made no mention of the political and ethical implications of such a stunt.


Or, as Ripley’s Beleive-it-or-Not cartoons in  Cuba’s Sunday newspaper comics used to read, before the so-called Revolution showed up: Crealo o no lo Crea

(yours truly was addicted to this feature back in ancient times, and looked forward to reading it at his grandparent’s house in Havana, along with the Katzenjammer Kids, Blondie, Li’l Abner, and Alley Oop — all in Spanish, or, as his Gallego grandparents correctly pointed out, in the  inferior but hegemonic “Castellano” dialect).

Diana Nyad, goddess of waterlogged offensiveness
Diana Nyad, goddess of waterlogged offensiveness

From some Ohio news outlet:

Swimmer intends to try Cuba-to-Florida swim again

CINCINNATI —Talk about a woman with big plans.

From helping victims of Superstorm Sandy to giving a swim from Cuba to Florida one more try, Diana Nyad doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

There’s the magic of Cuba to Florida. We all know that passage of water,” she said.

Nyad was in Cincinnati on Wednesday as the featured speaker at the YWCA’s Women of Achievement luncheon.

Many watched Nyad’s fourth attempt to cross the Florida Straits as she was fighting everything the Gulf Stream threw at her.

“It’s Mother Nature on steroids down there,” she told WLWT News 5’s Todd Dykes.

Nyad came up short in her quest in 2011, but that failure is clearly in her rearview mirror.

“This summer, one more time. I’m going to give it one more, hopefully valiant attempt,” she said.

Regardless of what happens this summer. In the fall Nyad will set her sights on something especially personal.

“Hurricane Sandy hit my hometown, NYC last year, so this October, the anniversary of it, we’re building a big pool and we’re installing it in Times Square,” she said. “No one’s ever done it. I’m going to swim for 48 hours, just buzz back and forth for 48 hours.”



5 thoughts on “Swimmer pursues dream to reach England from Third Reich

  1. Even if this stunt had no tie to Cuba, Nyad would still be pathetic: a leathery old has-been clinging desperately to her long-gone 15 minutes of fame. However, pulling this ridiculous shit (and for the fifth time, no less) in the Florida Straits, where countless Cubans have met terrible deaths trying to make the same trip to escape their island prison, is deeply offensive, not to mention disrespectful. I hope, for her sake, she’s just too dense to get it. She certainly sounds like a dim bulb. As for the NYC Times Square nonsense, I can’t believe the relevant authorities will authorize such a lame, painfully cheesy spectacle for the sake of an old fool who wants attention. However, I’m willing to compromise, as it were. Nyad can swim from the US to Cuba and, assuming she makes it, stay there. I’m sure Willy Toledo could use her to clean his pool.

  2. Tip to NYC: Just throw some dogs in a pool and let them swim around for a couple of days. That might at least be cute. An ugly 60+ woman doing laps back and forth sounds about as enticing as watching paint dry. Sheesh.

  3. She should try to swim from Kuwait to Iran or better yet, from South Korea to North Korea. That will gain her even more publicity.

  4. As Carlos points out, this is really about me-ism, aka self-absorption, to the exclusion of external considerations despite their validity. Nyad simply sees the Florida Straits as a suitable and convenient body of water she can use as a means to her ends, and that’s it. Other concerns, especially if they would interfere with what she’s after, are ignored or dismissed as irrelevant or inconsequential. At most, she will proffer some hollow but nice-sounding lip service, duly “neutral” at best to avoid offending the Castro regime and/or PC sensibilities outside Cuba. And yes, I know she’s ultimately very small potatoes unworthy of serious notice, but one does get tired of serial disrespect. She’s only been at this Cuba-to-Florida swim thing for three decades. It’s like, enough already.

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