Breaking: Recorded conversation proves Cuban meddling in Venezuelan affairs at the highest level

Venezuelan opposition politician Ismael Garcia releases incriminating transcript on television
Venezuelan opposition politician Ismael Garcia releases incriminating recording to the public

ABC Spain reports:

Globovision in Venezuela has released an audio recording that proves how much power the Castro regime has managed to attain at  the highest reaches of  the Venenozuelan government, and also shines a spotlight on the key role played by the Chavista news media in the Cubanization of Venezuela.

Those caught plotting all sorts of political shenanigans on the phone are Mario Silva, a leading Chavista “journalist” from Caracastan, and a Cuban intelligence officer, lieutenant colonel Aramis Palacio.

Among the more damning  items discussed:  election-rigging, and attempts at an internal coup within the Maduro government, pitting the president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello against fraudulent president and dictator Nicolas Maduro. At issue:  who can best serve the interests of the Castro Kingdom.   The conversation also reveals eroding patience on the part of Raul Castro, especially over the rigged election, which Fidel’s little brother advised Maduro to scrap altogether.

Aramis Palacio is Castrogonia’s chief of counterintelligence in Caracastan.  He is in charge of training Venezuelans in the field of espionage — in other words, of passing on everything that Cubans learned from the KGB and the East German Stassi.  His official public role is that of chief representative of Castro’s airline, Cubana de Aviacion.  This flimsy cover allows Aramis Palacio to have an office at the Caracas airport, with direct access to Runway 4, which is used exclusively by the Venezuelan president and high government officials.   One of his chief missions thus far has been to monitor and control the influx and outflow of Chavista and Cuban officials.   Back home in Castrogonia, Palacio has served as security officer and personal bodyguard of Raul Castro.

“Journalist” Mario Silva has been one of the most aggressive promoters of Chavismo, and was repeatedly hailed by the late Hugo Chavez as his favorite television personality.

Needless to say, the Venezuelan opposition is trying to gain traction with this evidence, which is proof positive of what nearly everyone has known all along.  Chief oppositor and claimant to presidency Henrique Capriles gloated, saying “every corrupt and illegitimate government eventually implodes.”

Chances are, however, that the Venezuelan opposition will gain no more traction against their dictatorship with these revelations than the American opposition has gained against the Obama regime with the current crop of Obamanoid scandals.

Though their brands of Teflon may differ, both Obama and Maduro — along with the Castros — rest secure in the impenetrability and slickness of their non-stick surfaces.

For the whole story (in Spanish), which includes a  link to the full transcript of the phone conversation, go HERE.