Castro Kingdom still trying to colonize Africa…. sort of… or something….

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They never give up on their grandiose nightmares and delusions of grandeur, those Castronoids.

Fidel had a dream of colonizing Africa and turning his kingdom into an empire, but the collapse of the Soviet Union shattered this dream.  Funding dried up faster than a spitball in the Kalahari desert.  Little brother Raul keeps trying, nonetheless.

The dupes in Angola, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, and other African countries accept this mutant neocolonialism willingly, even eagerly.

What either side hopes to accomplish — besides dragging each other down — is beyond comprehension.

Talk about a vicious cycle: this vortex is off the charts in the Fujita Tornado Scale, which only goes up to F5 (261-318 mph winds).   Rate this one at least an F100.

Or call it a beggar’s banquet on the trash heap of history.

In the meantime, dreams of a Castronoid empire in Latrine America continue to be fulfilled.  More banqueting among beggars,  atop a trash heap, within a hall of shattered mirrors.

From Angola Press

Angola, Cuba study mechanisms to co-ordinate co-operation

Luanda – The Angolan and Cuban authorities have been studying mechanisms for a better co-ordination of the existing bilateral co-operation, as well as for the strengthening of relations, said Monday in Luanda the Angolan Foreign Affairs minister, Georges Chikoti.

The minister, who was speaking to the press after a meeting with the vice president of Cuba’s Council of Ministers, Ricardo Ruiz, said that the idea is to improve the co-ordination of the bilateral co-operation, reason why the first thing to be done is to find a co-ordinator.

Generally speaking, said the minister, the meeting served to assess the excellent relations that exist between Angola and Cuba.

Georges Chikoti stressed that Cuba has been an important partners in the co-operation with Angola, having helped Angola in its political and military independence, besides being an important partner in the training of Angolan cadres in the domain of education and health.

The meeting also analysed the investment opportunities Cuba has been giving to Angola, which has happened in the sector of tourism.

Another area of reference in the bilateral relations is investment in the mining sector, which has happened in both directions.

In the political domain, he said, Angola has been supporting Cuba in its struggle against the embargo imposed by the United States of America, as well as the withdrawal of the Caribbean country from the US list of countries that finance terrorism.

The vice president of Cuba’s Council of Ministers is in Luanda since last Friday on an eight-day official visit aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations.

The Cuban official has already visited the Military History Museum and the Meditex Clinic, in Luanda.



4 thoughts on “Castro Kingdom still trying to colonize Africa…. sort of… or something….

  1. That piece of miserable, fraudulent, and destructive shit was never trying to colonize Africa nor did he ever have the resources. He was colonizing it for the U.S.S.R and with supplied Soviet armament so that the dead soldiers be Cuban and not Russian. It was a way for Castro to justify the multimillion dollar Soviet subsidies he received, make sure the USSR continued, and promote himself as something bigger and stronger than he was.

    Again, it was not at his expense nor was it for Cuba’s gain. All the pimp got out of such bloody expeditions was an ego trip and probably not more than a sack of diamonds. Granted, Castro was not even able to conquer Grenada and before the decade was over the very Soviet Union had collapsed.

    Yet, those Africans do not care from where or how, all those negros wanted (more inept and corrupt can’t be found), like Castro, was a protective sugar daddy to also pimp their countries to in exchange for subsidy and protection. All in the marketable name of freedom, anti-colonianism, and humanitarianism of course.

    Till this day all those corrupt and insignificant African clowns see in Castro is a check, attention, and free services in exchange for lip service. What Castro sees in them is easily bought politicians, ignorants, and miserable fools who can secure votes in the U.N. and spread propaganda with little effort.

  2. asombra,
    It also camouflages his fleshless body. He imagines this makes him look like a bulked up athlete.

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