Why The Camel Will Never Pass Through The Eye of The Needle

While CAIR celebrates the news that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) will not be seeking re-election, and those who still insist conservatives/republicans are waging a “War on Women” in our country (when it is obvious where that war is coming from), sometimes the perspective of things, such as not wanting to pay for some lazy and whiney coed’s “free” contraception/abortion, comes into play when you see a real war on women outside this country.

Remember how the Obama admin, the democrats, the GOP, and the MSM got all giddy and hopeful and excited about all that “Arab Spring” bullshit that started in Egypt a couple years ago … even after a female CBS journalist was mob-raped and beaten in the Cairo street but we were told that was just some anomaly, or something, and the same female CBS journalist to this day tells us we are fooling ourselves about these people emerging to power in that area of the world … and influencing this administration?

pharaohs daughter

Is this really what all those celebrating a couple years ago expected it would be in Egypt today…

Salafi MPs made controversial statements during a Shura Council session Tuesday. The Shura Council is currently the sole legislative body in Egypt after the dissolution of the People’s Assembly in June.

An MP of the Salafi-oriented Nour Party called for banning ballet in Egypt, describing it as “the art of nudes,” while another MP from the Salafi-oriented Asala Party suggested disbanding the National Council for Women (NCW).

Salafis have an ultra-conservative understanding of Islam. The Nour Party, established after the 25 January revolution in the coastal city of Alexandria and officially recognized on 12 June 2011, was the first Salafi political party founded in Egypt. There are currently approximately 8 Salafi parties in Egypt.

These groups have become increasingly present on Egypt’s political scene since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak, whom Salafis accuse of persecuting them throughout his rule.

Many accuse Salafi political groups of violating one of the doctrine’s central tenets, which says that disobeying rulers is prohibited.

Nour Party member Gamal Hamed said yesterday that ballet performances at the Opera House spread immorality and obscenity to the people.


In a meeting of the Shura Council’s Human Rights Committee Tuesday to discuss the budget of the National Council for Women, Adel Afifi, MP and founder of the Salafi-oriented Asala Party, suggested dissolving the rights organization. […]

Then there is the Saudi writer who is encouraging sexually molesting women who work in mixed gender businesses in order to force a roll-back of modern cultural advances in Saudi Arabia. Or, how about the killing of over a dozen polio workers (females) struggling to stop the spread of disease in Pakistan? Yet, our ever-watchful MSM eyes never seem to report much, if any, of this particular “war on women”, instead insisting we are just a blood-thirsty horde.


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