Alan Gross lawsuit against USA tossed out by federal court


Ay, mami, que injusticia!

Alan Gross and his family have encountered a great setback in their quest for justice. A federal court has ruled that poor Alan and his long-suffering relatives cannot sue the government of the United States, even though they just obtained a huge settlement from USAID, the agency that hired Gross and sent him to Castrogonia.

A question comes to mind: has the Gross family tried to sue the Castro regime, the real culprits in this criminal tragedy ?

Another question: why isn’t the Gross case receiving the same amount of attention as the moronic Jodi Arias trial, or as the size of all of the nalgas in the Kardashian family?

Perhaps the Gross family should think of suing the news media, for criminal negligence?

Oh, no, of course.  Instead, their lawyers will appeal this latest decision.  Next stop: the Supreme Court.   Sonia Sotomayor, sácale la punta a esos lapices!

Here is the story, as told by the Castro dynasty’s favorite newspaper (and the Sacred Scriptures of the self-appointed thinking class) , the infallible and almighty New York Times:

American Contractor Held in Cuba Loses a Lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the United States by an American contractor serving a 15-year sentence in Cuba for distributing communications equipment there under a State Department program, ending an effort to press the Obama administration into a financial payout and a more vigorous push for his release.

The contractor, Alan Gross, has been detained in Cuba since 2009, and his family asserts that his health is deteriorating, which Cuba denies. Over the past year, Mr. Gross’s lawyers have sought to publicize his plight, hoping to break a stalemate between Cuba and the United States, in which officials from each country blame their counterparts for his continued imprisonment.

With the dismissal of his case, Mr. Gross may lose some leverage to keep up the pressure. “All I can say is that we are disappointed with the court’s ruling,” said Scott Gilbert, one of Mr. Gross’s lawyers, adding, “We plan to file promptly a notice of appeal.”

Read more of this NYT  drivel   HERE.… and try to find some shred of awareness about the real injustice in this case.



One thought on “Alan Gross lawsuit against USA tossed out by federal court

  1. I’m beyond tired of this situation, because it’s beyond obvious what OBAMA needs to do to resolve it. It’s been obvious pretty much from the start, and it could have been resolved long ago. The fact that, to my knowledge, the Gross family has yet to state the obvious and insist upon it, as opposed to going off on useless (even if financially profitable) tangents is not especially admirable. It may be, however, understandable from a purely pragmatic standpoint. If the Gross family figured that Obama simply would not do what was required, I suppose going for some kind of secondary gain is like a consolation prize.

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