Holder Smolder

Iowahawk (via Twitter) scorches embattled DOJ AG Eric Holder…



5 thoughts on “Holder Smolder

  1. No, it was Holder and a couple of others who orchestrated everything; his name was on all the internal memos and draft pleadings. Then he had the local fed prosecutors sign so he’d be covered — old tricks that haven’t changed; he covered his filthy derriere then just like he does now. The fact is that DOJ planned that raid up in Broward for months, all the while duping the public with staged meetings and ridiculous promises that they had no intention to keep. When Holder was first confirmed, I told my friends who worked at his agency that he was a real scumbag and they looked at me with a smirk and stopped talking to me.


  2. It’s easy to get angry over Holder, but he’s only a symptom and example of how screwed up our system has become. It’s as pointless to blame him as it is to blame an infection for killing an AIDS patient because there’s no immune system to control it. Holder has simply done what he has been enabled to do and allowed to get away with, starting years before Obama was elected. Everyone knew he was a bad actor when he was nominated for AG, but he was enabled anyway, even though he was bound to behave worse and do more harm in a position of greater power. No Republican should have voted to confirm him, and the ones who did deserve no respect whatsoever–they did it out of expediency and fear of the race card.

    As for the Elián business, Holder was absolutely a major player, doing much if not most of the dirty work for that grotesque hag, Janet Reno, and of course her boss, Vil Clinton, but he was simply being a good apparatchik–knowing his back was covered and that he’d score points for doing a “good job.” So yes, he’s a slimeball, but the real problem is the way he’s been enabled and protected, and that’s not his fault; he’s simply taken advantage of it.

  3. Greg Craig and Bill Clinton orchestrated the Elian fiasco with the help of repeated offender Holder, he is a mop up guy with out a chin. Nothing has changed doing the same dirty work for the boss man

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