Is Fidel Castro a Terrorist?

A crash course on Fidel Castro’s history of terrorism for those who still wonder why Cuba’s dictatorship remains on the U.S. State Department list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Is Fidel Castro a Terrorist?

In response to its continued designation as a “sponsor-of-terrorism” by the U.S. Department of State, the Castro regime has stated:

The territory of Cuba has never been used and never will be to harbor terrorists of any origin, nor to organize, finance or perpetrate acts of terrorism against any country in the world, including the United States.”

This is an obvious lie, which is a good reminder of the lack of credibility of Cuba’s dictatorship.

But no one knows a terrorist better than another terrorist.

In 2011, one of Castro’s favorite pupils, the renowned international terrorist, Carlos “the Jackal,” was interviewed about his victims and crimes.

Asked about civilians who lost their lives in his attacks, he said:

There were very few. I calculated that they were fewer than 10 percent. So out of 1,500 – 2,000 killed, there were not more than 200 civilian victims.”

Asked about his crimes, Carlos said his crimes were “minor” and stated:

Fidel Castro killed more people.”

Moreover, Castro himself in one of his arrogant tirades (below) warned the world of his terrorist prowess:



One thought on “Is Fidel Castro a Terrorist?

  1. Look at all those worthless minions, all sorry excuses for human beings, applauding like the castrated and trained animals they are (I should not be insulting animals in such a way). Observe how Castro waits for their delayed applause at the end. Had Castro, who is obviously a crazy psychopath, said “we will start employing terrorism at a mass scale and I like it in the ass” they would have also clapped.

    He did employ terrorism and always has, the Cuban trained and supported pest that is the Colombian FARC, the one that is today called “terrorist” by the Colombian government instead of “communist” with the purpose of looking for American support, has always employed terrorism and the treat of terrorism. The monetary cost and bloodshed has been immense for Colombia. That’s just one example, for all leftist groups with direct connections with Cuba have always employed terrorism. Castro himself had a record of kidnappings, murders, and bombings before gaining power – even a plot to attack New York.

    What Castro failed to tell his aspiring apprentices is that he had the support of the CIA, they did not, and as a result all their guerrilla efforts failed the same way Castro would have failed had the stupid two-face USA never intervened in his favor.

    If the fraudulent psychopath of Castro has taught us something it’s how complacent, miserable, and moronic a large percentage of humanity truly is.

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