Nice try, but no Cuban cigar

Last week George sent me a link to a column at PJ Media which advocated the GOP reversing course on the embargo on Cuba as tactic for Hispanic voter outreach. This is novel theory. Novel and laughable. I had to dust off my fisking machine and take apart the author’s arguments. Luckily I too am a contributor to PJ Media. So here’s my rebuttal:

Don’t End the Cuban Embargo
Ending the embargo wouldn’t win a single Hispanic vote for the GOP.

Michael Edghill proposes a novel but convoluted and factually challenged argument to end the United States’ embargo on Cuba’s Castro regime. Edghill begins his argument by highlighting the oft-repeated advice that the Republican Party needs to do a better job of appealing to Hispanics. I agree completely with this and have written extensively that the natural home for Hispanics is the GOP because of their family values, social conservatism, and entrepreneurialism. But then Mr. Edghill goes off the rails to use this as a justification for changing U.S. policy toward Cuba.

First he attacks the effectiveness of the embargo by stating the obvious — that it has not caused political change in Cuba. But he does not offer any evidence that its absence would cause political change. In fact, Edghill admits that “tourists and business interests from Europe and the rest of the Americas have sustained the Cuban economy.”

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that the Cuban economy is completely dominated by the state; in particular, the tourist sector is controlled by the Cuban Armed Forces, of which Raul Castro has been the head since the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power. So how, exactly, would getting rid of the embargo hurt the existing status quo? The obvious answer is that it wouldn’t. In fact, it would provide a financial boon to Cuba’s oppressors.

The embargo has been extremely effective at one thing — preventing the United States from being ripped off by the Castro crime family…

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2 thoughts on “Nice try, but no Cuban cigar

  1. Michael Edghill has no doubt succumbed to the common misconception that Hispanics [or how we are now called, “latinos”] are one monolithic group, instead of [the reality] a group of peoples of different national backgrounds. Even the Mexican-Americans who began the politicized use of the word “latino” [as we now know it] really mean chicano when they say “latino,” and only use the word in order to increase their numbers by including every other group under their umbrella, while at the same time unassailingly continuing to promote their own agenda not the agenda of non-Mexican “latinos.”

    That said, while I do believe that our dear, dear “latino” brothers and sisters generally support a lifting of the embargo, Cuba is not such an important issue to them that they would vote republican based on an issued involving Cuba. So, rather than gaining other Hispanic voters, the Republicans would in fact lose the only Hispanic voters [Cuban-Americans] that reliably vote for them in significant numbers if they offended them by supporting a lifting of the embargo.

    You would think that this would be obvious to anyone with two brain cells, but, I guess people have become so brainwashed by the misconception that we are one monolithic group of peoples that they can no longer think that we are anthing but “latinos.”

  2. Lifting the embargo, just like amnesty, will NEVER win a single Hispanic vote. Hispanics throughout the country vote left and that’s the reality check these politicians ignore. There needs to be a thorough re-education process among Hispanics (and everyone else whose mind is entrapped by leftist propaganda) to teach them basic principles, dare we say, history and the constitution and assimilation. Until that happens, all these cheap tricks will remain just that — another joke and pandering attempt by people who don’t know what the heck they’re doing.

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