Google satellites potentially a challenge to totalitarian rule

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Google satellites potentially a challenge to totalitarian rule
“Between the cable and the wall! So is the government of Cuba with Google satellites to give Internet to users who do not have access.” … “Official spokesperson said we’ll have Internet at home by end of 2014. I think it will be before that with Google Satellites :-)” – Yoani Sanchez, over twitter on June 26, 2013
First four google satellites launched to provide internet to remote locations

As has been the case for the past 35 years with the founding of the Cuban Committee for Human Rights inside of Castro’s prisons, change is taking place in Cuba despite the best laid plans of the Castro dictatorship. The Committee to Protect Journalists in 2011 listed the Cuban totalitarian regime as one of the online oppressors that uses the denial of access as their chief mean of controlling the internet..

The latest evidence for this is to be found with regards to the internet and cell phones. Cuba has the lowest internet and cell phone coverage in the hemisphere. Nevertheless, inventive Cubans have found the way to circumvent government controls and get access, however limited , to both.

The Cuban government and its agents of influence try to blame economic sanctions for their policy of limiting and controlling information but the facts do not back them up.

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One thought on “Google satellites potentially a challenge to totalitarian rule

  1. Google has some problems, too.
    I have a Gmail account because I want to be able to comment on youtube.
    All was fine until recently when they tried to change my name to my real name and I didn’t want that and told them so. My wishes obviously didn’t matter. They changed my name to my real name and everywhere I try to comment, I can’t escape that. Even if I vote something up, it now shows my real name. On top of that my cursor from my mouse sometimes flies all over my screen by itself. And someone welcomed me to a new place I commented on where I thought I was honey, in fact it said comment by honey, and he welcomed me by my real name even though it wasn’t there. I am trying to get this corrected.
    Curiously, I am still honey here. When is it going to be changed here, too?
    So Google doesn’t seem to have as much control as it appears, or is it that Google does have the control and is flaunting it?
    I’m just saying.

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