Immigration Bill Passes in the U.S. Senate

Senators Menendez And Rubio Meet With Cuban Activist Leader Berta Soler

The Senate voted in favor of the Immigration Reform Bill (S. 744) on June 27, 2013, by a margin of 68 to 32. Out of the three Hispanic Senators, Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) voted YEA, and Ted Cruz (R-TX) voted NAY.
Senator Rubio gave a magnificent speech on immigrants and what America means to them upon the closing minutes before the vote.

One of the reasons why I praise Senator Rubio so frequently is because although he was born in Miami, Florida, he always makes it a point to mention the saga of his Cuban immigrant parents. Whether in the Florida House of Representatives, in the U.S. Senate, or at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, Senator Rubio has his parents’ story fresh in his mind.

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41 thoughts on “Immigration Bill Passes in the U.S. Senate

  1. Et tu Marco ?
    He is just another rino traitor . No free pass because he is Cuban. He is just like all the rest .

  2. Beautiful speech but the bill is absolutely horrible. And I hope Boehner does what he said he is going to do and ignores it and only does immigration reform piecemeal. I want no new Dem voters, please. They have done enough damage to this country.
    I want border security, electronic protection and double walls and extra immigration patrols. I want to see that no more new illegals are coming in.
    Then and only then am I ready for the beginning of the process of letting them work here. I never want those who broke our laws to be treated better than American citizens are. And I NEVER want then to be able to vote. We have to have voter ID for all American voters. And only American citizens are to be able to vote.

    Rubio has betrayed this country I believe. It makes me so sad because I had such hope for him.
    I want more legal immigration favoring those who can add to this country because they have skills and they want to become Americans. Illegals who flaunt our laws and then have no use for this country except for what they can get out of us I have small sympathy for. We must control our borders and only allow in those we can identify.

  3. I am so sick of Rubio’s speeches as well as Ryan’s.They speak of the people living in the shadows. Last I checked McDonalds, Highway crews,lawn care, etc are far from shadows.
    These are not immigrants, but criminals being given amnesty. I am done with the GOP. And before someone says the left will win let me fill you in. They already won and the right looks no different than the left.

  4. pototo,
    No, the GOP is not the same thing as the right. There are many good guys on the right, Toomey, Cruz, Lee, King from Iowa, Palin, Johnson, and a host more. What we must do is continue to strip the GOP when it cooperates with the left and replace RINOS with conservatives. We might wish to have a separate party, or to throw up our hands and surrender, but there is still a much better alternative. We must elect more Club for Growth people and Tea Party people. Sometimes a Rubio may promise the moon and then disappoint, but he can be replaced if necessary, too.

    The GOP may not seem to be much different from the left these days. But the right looks a lot different. Let’s build up the right in cities, states and congress. It is our only hope.

  5. The GOP is not the same thing as the right. It may be tempting to throw up one’s hands or to long for a third party, but these are terrible options. A better idea is to replace RINOS with Club for Growth and Tea Party types. I know that once in a while a Marco Rubio can disappoint. But if it becomes necessary we can give him a conservative primary opponent too.
    The GOP may look suspiciously like the left these days. But the right most certainly does not resemble the left.
    We have lots of good people on the right. Palin, Lee, Johnson, Cruz, King from Iowa and many more. We just need more of them. That is what we should be concentrating on. Let’s get more conservatives into city governments, state and congress. It is our only hope.

  6. Well, all I have to say is that I no longer support Marco Crist and will never vote for him again, period.

    Enough said…

  7. This has been an untidy treachery to those of us who busted our chops supporting him — but the story is not over yet for Rubio. He may have wanted immigration to be his signature issue, or he may be under undue pressure in FL, or he may be blinded by the beltway glitz — at this point, what difference does it make? He went to bed with Schumer and Schumer and Derbin, realizing what a threat he was to them, have cleverly succeeded in neutralizing him by embroiling him in this monstrosity of a legislation. It is costing him support from his base (I’ve already loudly withdrawn mine) and possibly will cost him in his presidential aspirations, which increasingly seep out of his pores with every tv interview. Schumer knew this and played him like a first violin. Menso. He fell into the trap, which is what happens to those who get into bed with vipers.
    It’s a bitter pill to swallow, because he has shown such promise; but dittos, just because he’s Cuban we shouldn’t assume he thinks as we do.
    I told him he should pack up and move his family to the TX or AZ border and stay there, see how they’d like living like those people do — in constant fear, watching their cities and town deteriorate from the onslaught of criminal elements. I don’t give a @$*%! what he does from now on, this is despicable.

  8. I’m sick of RINO wolves in sheep’s clothing who keep screwing conservatives. We need to starve their coffers and primary every single one of them — until we do that, we’ll keep getting stabbed in the back.

  9. Ditto Gigi, Marco Crist is toast anyway, he sunk his presidential chances and he may not be reelected again, we’ll see.

  10. Count me in with those who are extremely disappointed in Rubio’s reprehensible performance. Javier Manjarres of Shark Tank reported that it was Rubio’s wife who influenced him into joining the immigration bandwagon. Heresay notwithstanding, if this is so, the even more of a reason to be disgusted by his stance on this issue. Do we really need a leader who is more readily influenced by his wife than by his constituents who put him in office? I would personally love to have an opportunity to speak with him face to face and give him a piece of my mind. I’m not only incensed, I’m embarrassed. Furthermore, if we just wink and remain silent on this one, just because he’s “uno de los nuestros”, then the truth is we are no better than those who put the POS…er, POTUS in place because of the color of his skin.

    I pray that because of him, Cuban-Americans do not lose the title of Miami-Mafia for conservatism, a title that should be worn with as much pride as Hester Prynne’s embroidered red letter A.

  11. In politics it is difficult to please 100% of your contingency.

    Many moons ago, I remember the negative comments given to Mr Reagan, regarding his amnesty.

  12. Agree with jorge. This comment is going to go over like a lead balloon ’round these parts, but here goes.

    This bill may be far from perfect, but as a conservative first and a (hesitant) Republican second, it always disappoints me to see the Democrats in the lead on issues like immigration, even if it’s usually just smokescreens. At least Sen. Rubio here is attempting to be a part of the solution, not part of the GOP “just-say-no” attitude of the past few years. It’s a risky move for sure and the far-right has washed their hands of him. Since his Florida Speaker days he has always been targeted by the far-right for being “soft” on illegal immigration, mainly because he always talked about increasing legal immigration and usually avoided the stupid rhetoric too many in the far-right employ when it comes to immigration. Yes, we know we have too many illegal immigrants. But what the hell are we going to do with them…ship them all back? Nothing in our current laws indicates any reasonable solutions to address this, and that’s the reality of past immigration laws and poor enforcement. Thinking that we should just merely enforce our current laws is about 12 million times more unreasonable than this bill. That train left the station about 11 illegal immigrants ago.

    I understand the concerns of folks such as Sen. Ted Cruz, whom I like, but we need more concrete leadership and ideas from him and less rhetoric. Then we can have a reasonable discussion about how to address our immigration mess.

  13. Hogwash to the statement that there is no solution. Self deporation for one. If we penalize those that hire and use illegal labor that would start the wheels turning. If we can afford to financially support, with government benefits, tens of million “in the shadows” we could also locate and deport them. or is it that they are invisible when it comes to law enforcement only?
    It is not about becoming “mainstream”. It is about standing for right no matter the cost.
    So in response to “ship them back”, YES! If we can afford to care for them we can afford to deport them. The cost would be far less.
    As for Reagan I disagree with the amnesty and the enforcement that was supposed to go with his bad decision did not occur. On a side note, Rubio is no Reagan. Not even close.

  14. Rubio ended up being a disillusion and a pretentious airhead.

    My first disappointment with him was when, after the evident failures of Iraq and Afghanistan, I heard him speak favorably about American intervention in Libya and the Middle East, in a superficial way, and as if the islamic threat did not exist within such revolts. That’s when I said “no, no, este tipo es un come mierda…” Then after that, came his American story about how his father had no opportunities in pre-Castro’s Cuba. I guess that’s why the Spaniards never stopped coming along with the Syrian/Lebanese, the Chinese, the Americans, the Jews, and Havana was the city with the most Cadillacs, not just in Latin America, but outside USA – because there were no opportunities. The man simply recycles rhetoric even if it does not correspond.

    As for this imbecility of wanting to grant millions of illegal mexicans (and counting) amnesty AGAIN, we all know the ramifications of that. Rubio better start changing parties and adjusting to the one party rule (like that of El PRI) if he ever wants to be more than a senator because he is an even bigger fool if he thinks Mexicans will now thank him with a vote. If Reagan himself didn’t get the vote of these ignorant, prejudiced, and utilitarian leftists after granting them amnesty in the ’80s I do not see why he would.

  15. Actually, there has been quite a bit of self-deportation in the past couple of years, largely because of the state of our economy. I agree with punishing those who hire illegals, but that only goes so far. Too many of these people are so integrated into our society that it’s virtually impossible to come up with a solution that is both effective and humane. Otherwise this would have been done a long time ago. I agree with the solution of securing the border, bringing these people out of the shadows, have them pay a fine, pay back taxes, get to the “back of the line” and show that you belong here. Otherwise, you don’t stay. Merely hoping for “elimination-by-attrition” is a pipe dream.

  16. Several things:
    First my comment appeared twice because the first one didn’t post and I rewrote it and only found out now that the first one did post after all. And how did I leave out Toomey when I rewrote it?

    Ali Kat, speaking of wives, how about Wiener’s wife and her influence? And how about NYC and NYC women going for Wiener? What is it going to take for American liberals to wake up and see how they are destroying their own possibility to live in freedom? And mine!

    Robert, no one is thinking about shipping illegals back; that is a phony accusation. I am on the far right and no one I know ever says that. I see no stupid rhetoric on the far right. I see sense. We are just trying to stop the bleeding of our freedom, our economic freedom and the definition of our society. When a nation can no longer protect its borders, it loses its sovereignty.

    It is simple. We make the border secure first; then we deal with those here. Not just with more agents. and not even only with a double wall, but we need electronic surveillance and we need proof that no more illegals are coming in. This is to stem the violence that many illegals bring, the chaos, the potential for new terrorists to come in. We stop the tide of them coming in. Then and only then do we deal with those here. And Rubio is part of the Schumer, etc tribe that does not want to do things this way because the left’s goal is to get more dem voters and then our side is kaput for good.

    How do we deal with those here? We give them no food stamps, no benefits, no education, no health care, let them deal with that. We give them no jobs and let them know and let employers who hire them know this will no longer stand. I am not unkind. But I don’t like lawbreakers. Let a strong message go out to those who want to sneak in, that this is what they will face and let those who are here already understand that this is what we are going to do. Any illegal caught breaking another law, stealing, gun violence, speeding, whatever, and who is caught, gets immediate deportation. If they know in advance, then they take the risk.
    Every American must have a voter ID. We give no illegals Social Security cards, no license to drive. With these laws firmly in place, some will go back on their own. Those that stay will stay at their own risk.
    And we close the border, period.

    Then, after the border is protected, and only then, we deal with those who decided to stay. No ability to vote, not ever. (Of course we must elect conservatives or this will be moot. Liberals can’t wait to legalize these lawbreakers and get them to become registered dems.)
    And now we can enforce our laws. After the border is protected, any illegal who wants to come forward must have an electronic ID card. Then employers can hire them. Any employer who hires an unidentified person will be liable for prosecution just as the illegal will be at that point. Etc. Is that enough concrete solutions for you?
    It does not do our nation any good to have people come in without our permission who do not love this country, who will cost us more money than they add to the economy, who are disruptive. And it does not help when our president will not enforce laws on the books and stops a state from enforcing them when the federal government does not enforce them. This is not rocket science.
    This is NOT about being anti hispanic or about lack of compassion. It is about protecting our country’s laws and economic freedom. With high unemployment, this is not the time to make it easier for low skilled people to add to our burdens.

    I am not an unkind person. I just love my country and do not want its sovereignty destroyed. I am not ready to wash my hands and say there is no solution. Cruz and others who think this way have offered a concrete solution. It is the one I just proposed.
    Next the most important thing is to enhance LEGAL immigration for those who want the privilege of becoming Americans, those who have skills we need. We are a nation of immigrants. We need more people who will have children and who will enrich our society.

    It always used to amuse me when my liberal friends would listen to a Reagan speech and tell me he didn’t say anything. He said plenty; he just didn’t say what they wanted to hear.
    I said plenty here. And so does Cruz and all who think like me. We are just not saying what those who want to legalize illegals want to hear.

  17. Marco Crist is toast, finished, period! Stop dreaming, face that reality and move on looking for a better candidate than Marco.

    The way he has handled this issue will loose him half of the Tea Party and conservatives support he once solidly had (I’m not talking about Cuban-Americans in South FL). No way he’ll make up that shortfall with the Hispanic vote that at the end always goes majority Democratic.

    Marco can consider himself lucky if he’s reelected again, but his national chances are done and over with.

    Anyone who thinks that now Marco has a chance nationally totally ignores the political realities and people’s mindset outside of South Florida.

    And for the last time, he IS NOT Ronald Reagan and WILL NEVER BE(there was only one Gipper). Stop fantasizing and dreaming, he’s finished in the national stage, face that reality and move on.

  18. Illegal immigration, like abortion, is a secondary problem due to a previous failure for which there’s no excuse. In one case, the primary problem is failure to secure the US-Mexico border, which should have been a major priority ages ago. In the other case, it’s failure to act responsibly if one does not want a pregnancy. As for Rubio, I’m beginning to think Alex Penelas or even Manny García, which is a very bad sign. I find Schumer so viscerally repulsive, even just to look at, that I cannot believe Rubio could have trusted him (not that the rest of the “gang” was at all attractive). Anything that a creature like Schumer actively promotes CANNOT be a good idea. In other words, either Rubio is too foolish to be reliable or too much of an operator to be trustworthy. I’m afraid he may be (or trying to be) too clever by half, but whatever his motivation, he looks extremely dubious.

  19. And btw, the Reagan amnesty was clearly a bad move. It set a terrible precedent and only encouraged more illegal immigration.

  20. Count me in with the crowd that is DONE with Marco Crist. And I donated a LOT of money to this guy, so I am not taking his treason lightly. What I repeatedly told him in emails, was that people in the Tea Party would tolerate a path to a legal status, but NOT full citizenship with entitlements and voting rights. And we wanted a FULLY secured border. And we did NOT trust Schumer or McCain in ANY capacity on this issue. What did we get? Nothing on any of those issues. These illegal Mexicans will get full citizenship and end up on full entitlements and voting for Democrats. And the border will remain semi-porous, ensuring that there will be MORE illegals in 20 years that we will have to deal with AGAIN. Right now just looking at Rubio disgusts me, so I don’t know how he plans on rehabilitating his image amongst conservatives. It’s not possible in my opinion. I say primary him and lets move on.

  21. Thanks God I cannot afford to give money to politicians. Hate to be swindled by them, lol.

  22. It’s beyond obvious that what Dems want and expect out of this thing is MILLIONS of new Dem clients, and those expectations are fully plausible. That’s why they’re willing to go against the wishes of their black clients, because they figure blacks will keep voting Dem anyway, which is also fully plausible. The Republicans backing this folly are either insane or just cynical operators who are quite comfortable talking out of both sides of their mouths. I also supported Rubio in his Senate bid, not because he was Cuban but because he seemed to be the antithesis of Charlie Crist. How brutally ironic that he has now done a glorified Crist maneuver. He’d better pray this bill gets killed in the House, which will give him the chance, if he’s smart enough to use it, to put this mess behind him, restore his badly tarnished image, and never, EVER pull this kind of shit again. We absolutely don’t need yet another political hermaphrodite.

  23. Ummm, asombra, I’m active on a lot of the blog sites. The anger towards our dear friend Marco is so palpable, well, let’s just say he’s not getting any national votes back probably EVER. On big ticket items like this – which is probably equivalent to Obamacare in peoples minds – there is no forgetting how you voted. Marco Rubio will be forever tainted. Few will ever forget that interview on Univision. He is toast.

  24. Asombra, the black clients will indeed continue voting democrat despite anything and the black vote is only of direct importance to mayors and governors. Don’t ignore something, the president is elected by means of an electoral college and blacks are simply not enough to flip entire states, maybe one or two, but not by themselves.

    Blacks have flipped cities, and degraded them by doing so, but there is no way that a stagnant 13% of the U.S. population, that’s scattered throwout different states, most of them red, is able to dictate or even sway the presidency. They may dictate in New Orleans but not Louisiana for example. Truth be told, most of them did not even vote for president until Obama came around. When it comes to the presidential vote, the black vote across the South and South West is pretty much insignificant and a wasted vote.

    In a nation where elections are usually decided by about 4/5 million people, once Democrats have those new 30 million+ democrat, miserable, and ignorant voters just voting for welfare and more amnesties, it will be the end of right-wing presidents, political balance, and political accountability in USA. Right now, this fraudulent trash of community agitator would not be in power over a Romney if it wasn’t for them. In 10/20 years it will finally be Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc., at the federal level.

    Buy hey, I can blame Mexicans for their utilitarian shamelessness but I can only blame Americans for their myopic and self destructive stupidity.

  25. In the interest of hard facts: when Ted Cruz first began running for the senate, he was an unknown long shot with about 2% of the vote and a well-oiled GOP $$$ machine against him. Ted wants legal immigration and a secure border — we can start by enforcing the laws ALREADY on the books – but I digress: when he was elected our senator, by his own count he ended up with 40% of the hispanic vote, and he wasn’t even of Mexican heritage.

    See, one of the things you learn from Mexican and other immigrants who have been here for more than one generation, is that they don’t like the illegal immigration problem either: they are paying for it with their taxes and associated social problems of having to support infrastructure to accommodate an increased population (whether they are comprised of recent arrivals, overstayed visas, or newborns) that consumes without contributing enough into the system.

    The laws of math are inflexible. They always catch up with you.

  26. I just filled in my survey for the GOP. I am “one especially selected for this exclusive survey – do not discard it, but fill it in.”
    I told them I will give no money to the GOP until they begin sounding like Tea Partiers and Club for Growthers and that I give all my donations to the Club.
    They asked my candidates for president at this time and named the usual suspects, Jeb at the top then Marco, etc. I said none of the above, of course, except maybe Jindal. Then where they asked for other I gave my conservative list.

    Do you think they will pay attention?

  27. Whether or not Rubio is toast, time will tell, but at least I can hope, for his sake, that this was some sort of political grand mal seizure, temporary insanity, or even just plain stupidity. I don’t want to believe that, in order to get the damn “Latino” vote, he cynically sold out the conservative voters who put him where he is. I don’t want to believe that he was too weak or too insecure to stand up to the Univision crowd. I don’t want to believe that he would lower himself, and deeply embarrass his own people, by currying favor with people who’ve treated us like shit and would never go Republican anyway.

    We already have enough cause for embarrassment in Cubanoid kissers of “Latino” ass like Cretina Saralegui, “El Gordo” Molina and the plastic Lily Estefan; then there’s Goldilocks García and every Cuban who’s OK with supporting the party of JFK, Carter, Clinton and Obama, not to mention the eternal disgrace inherent in Castro, Inc. We really, REALLY should be highly allergic to politically disgraceful conduct. We simply don’t have that luxury; we lost it over half a century ago, and we don’t deserve to have it ever again.

  28. asombra,

    Rubio is TOAST, period, anyone who does not see it that way is ignoring reality. All you have to do is go all over the Web and read the comments of regular Americans that previously supported him. They are abandoning him in substantial numbers, that fact cannot be ignored.

    For my part I will no longer support him because I’m not the type to kiss politicians asses when they betray the principles that got them elected to office in the first place, that simple…

  29. Jorge,

    You can keep Marco Rubio’s snake oil salesman response on this issue, I want nothing to do with it. You are not going to sway any us posting here on how we should view Rubio from now on.

    Could care less what the new RINO in the GOP club have to say anymore. You want to support him that’s your choice but don’t try to sell him to me (or the others that no longer support him) because you will find no buyers on your product.

    I’m sure that you have followed all of the responses on this treat from everyone down on Marco’s. The disgust for Rubio’s action have been overwhelming from the regular folks that post here daily.

    Sincerely, you are wasting your time trying to convince any of us.

    Also please let me know if Babalu is going to continue defending and promoting Marco Rubio’s actions when he betrayed the values that we voted him in office for. Because if that is the case, I want nothing to do with it and will no longer post anymore at Babalu.

    I want nothing to do with this blind support for a senator that betrayed his conservative values and became a RINO in the process. I cannot longer support a senator that teamed with liberals like Schumer to produce a very bad piece of legislation that will bring bad things for America.


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