The Media’s Sloppy Racist Ways on Display … Again

“If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me … Please, I want to meet you.”

In the last week we have heard the tale of cooking queen Paula Deen’s sin of using a certain derogatory racist term roughly twenty years ago when she had a gun in her face during a bank robbery. Yes, the “N” word. You see, full-throated Obama supporter Paula Deen (who has fallen out of favor for something else) was under oath and asked if she had ever used that word. Instead of the usual CYA answer most people use when asked such things under oath (I can’t/don’t recall…), Deen responded truthfully and answered ‘yes’ she had. Some defense of Deen has been how she grew up in the south where use of that word was ingrained in the culture. She is currently being dumped from TV, Vegas, stores, and business endorsements and to be the scourge of humanity until the Earth collides with the Sun … and then some. Yet, her new book has jumped to #1 on the Amazon best seller’s list, and it’s not even due to be released until October.

Jump now to the George Zimmerman trial taking place in Florida. From the first moment this local story was shoved onto the national stage the MSM has spun it thick with racial tone, going so far as to designate Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic” who murdered an unarmed black teen (Remember, this is the same MSM that has completely tossed out the fact that Barack Obama is half white so that they can cut-off any opposition/criticism of him and his policies). The media continued to feed the racist beast for months and months, even getting caught creatively editing the audio tape of Zimmerman’s 911 call to make him sound like a racist out for blood becuase he used the word “black” in his description to the 911 operator, or selectively editing police station video to make Zimmerman appear unharmed. The prosecution’s key (very but troublesome) witness in its case against Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantel, is the female friend that was allegedly on the phone with Trayvon Martin at the time of the altercation with Zimmerman the night he died.

Mz. Jeantel’s testimony today revealed part of the phone exchange where Trayvon described Zimmerman as a “crazy-assed cracker”. When Zimmerman’s lawyer, on cross-examination, suggested to the witness that racism did come into that horrible night, but that Trayvon Martin had been the one that brought it in by using those words, she denied the suggestion, finally defending the use of the racist white term as part of her “community” (i.e., culture) … as is the dreaded “N” word.

And here we have the media that spent a week not accepting any explanations or apologies regarding Paula Deen’s nasty word usage, bending over backward and twisting inside-out to rationalize and excuse Jeantel’s and Trayvon’s (and their community’s/culture’s) use of racist words

(This guy will not be the only one to make this stretch … Count on it.)

I don’t know about you but in a country that just yesterday had the highest court in the land pretty much rule in favor of equal treatment under the law (which the media openly celebrated), I refuse to continue to live under this slapping-hand of the hypocritical MSM PC word police (MSNBC one of THE worst media racists on a daily consistent basis) and the equally guilty politicians and all other “progressive” Alinsky-fed ilks dictating to the rest of the country. I am beyond disgusted with this. Shame on the manipulative MSM, political class, and various other racially motivated instigators dragging down this great country. And shame on the American people for not only swallowing it, but allowing it to continue. It has to stop … immediately.



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  1. I’m right with you! The question is how do we stop it. There’s a double standard that’s out of control. Hopefully the GZ jury will see right through this gangsta and not fall into another race trap out of fear or PC.

  2. why is it that conservatives are rushing to the aid of Paula Deen and George Zimmerman? Deen, as noted, voted for Obama. Zimmerman was a registered Dem so I assume that if he bothered to vote that it was Obama too. Deen did not merely admit to using the word n—-r; when queried she said “Yes, of course.” That’s a bit more damning than just a yes. Should she be crucified for it? No. But I would say that her response to the question was even dumber than actually using the word. So conservatives rush in to save her – idiots. She’s an Obama supporter – let her side come save her.

    As for Zimmerman. Naturally, “cracker” is a racial epithet, I won’t defend it. That being said the whole case is absurd. Trayvon was a punk, yes. Did he beat the crap out of Zimmerman, yes. Did he deserve to die, no. None of this would have happened if some half-wit, racist, cop wanna be wouldn’t have gotten out of his car. Someone please justify that to me. Zero reason whatsoever. Why are we defending this Peruvian left winger? Either we are idiots or racists.

  3. I’m not defending Zimmerman’s actions because he’s a dem or a conservative, I’m defending his actions because I believe the evidence shows that he was defending himself and was in reasonable fear for his life. Considering the rash of robberies in that neighborhood (all by young black men), I don’t have an issue with him getting out of his car as a neighborhood watch captain to call the non-emergency line. Anyways, if Trayvon wasn’t suspended from school, he wouldn’t be there in the first place. We can keep refering to both their actions and consequences forever, it’s just how the timing played out that night.

    As far as Deen, Ive read her depo, and there’s no defending her “southern plantation wedding” idea or how she answered the n word questions. These are 2 completely different cases that can’t be lumped into one.

  4. I’m a dark skinned Cuban – not black but brown – and being a teen of that shade in an anglo town sucked. Random stops by cops, mall security following you about 5 steps behind and the first words out of the cops’ mouth every single time was – “we’ve been having some incidents in the neighborhood.” Zimmerman was told not to follow and he did. you still can’t justify it, he had NO reason to follow. He had called the cops and the 911 dispatcher told him not to. Trayvon was a POS – I don’t deny it, but he didn’t deserve to die.

  5. Trayvon gave the right to self-defense to Zimmerman the moment he was on top of him beating the crap out of him. Florida self-defense law gives you that right the moment you feel your life is in danger.

    The issue I see going against Zimmerman is that he did not followed instructions from the police but, that’s not enough for a murder 2 conviction.

    The prosecution chose murder 2 charges against Zimmerman when they had a better chance of gaining a conviction using manslaughter but, this case had political implications the moment Barry and the black leaders got involved in it. The moment that happened, Zimmerman lost all chances to a fair trial and the jury pool was forever tainted by the media.

    Anything can happen in this case due to the political pressures to convict Zimmerman but so far based on the eyewitness testimony (and the quality of testimony of that black lady that was talking to Trayvon provided two days ago), the prosecution could loose this case.

    Now the liberal media is going on all lengths to defend that woman (that made racist statements against whites with her testimony), as further proof of the mess we have in our country today and the state of race relations being fueled by the liberal media.

    I am white Cuban descendant of Spanish and I encountered plenty of discrimination in NY in the 1970s and 1980s for being a spic, so discrimination in America comes in all races colors but I don’t agree on how the media and the black leaders are using the race card in this case to get a conviction on Zimmerman.

  6. Editor’s note:

    While you are welcome to voice opinions on the Zimmerman trial, let me point out the purpose of my post was to illustrate the blinding double standard and manipulation of the media’s perception on what is and isn’t “racist”, basically dictating what the public’s judgement should be on the matter in any given case so that it fits their agenda/narrative. What the media and talking heads intentionally did a year ago to Zimmerman’s image in this case was horrifically wrong (NBC/MSNBC/ABC in particular with their selective and deliberate editing of audio and video to make him look not only racist but not injured at all).

    Since this post went up a couple days ago we have seen Alec Baldwin in the news again for being the disgusting douche that he is. And, as liberals do, while crying out for tolerance and anti-bigotry, use race and sexual orientation against somebody they are targeting for whatever reason.

    While all these individuals are entitled to their freedom of speech, and the media responsible for reporting on it, unless somebody has actually harmed somebody directly with their words or actions nobody is entitled to target said person for personal destruction. Of the three people, Paula Deen, George Zimmerman, and (to a degree the young black woman in the Zimmerman case that was Trayvon’s friend), and Alec Baldwin now, I have seen the media and talking heads ALL have bent over sideway, backward, and inside out to make concessions and excuses for 2 of the 4, and not one of them Deen. As a matter of fact, any such conceding has been denied Deen. And then there was the girl’s testimony that pointed out the racist angle that night came from Martin, not Zimmerman. But that as well has been candy-coated as “oh, it’s just the community/culture” and presented to the public as something they should just shut-up and accept with no further questions. It’s all wrong. But not Paula Deen’s “sin”.

    The campaign against Paula Deen is ridiculous. Yes, she admitted to having said ‘taht word’, and much of the rest of the questionable things are ‘allegations’. And yes, companies have a right to CYA financially in such over-publicized events, but there does reach a point where they are allowing outside political forces to run their business. It could NOT get any more ludicrous than yesterday’s story of the publishing company for Deen’s awaited cookbook to decide they will not be publishing it. The damn thing has been on Amazon’s #1 best seller spot for the better part of the week. That means people have pre-ordered and paid for the book, which means the publishing company has no worries about losing money on it. I’d wager the publishing company, on the heels of the publicity of the last few days over the high orders for Deen’s book, received threatening calls from other people who intend to exercise their own hate in their direction. Cowards all.

    As to the Zimmerman trial … I admit to being slightly on his side in that I do not believe he deserved a 2nd degree murder charge (let alone the BS the media has put out to try to paint their version of the man’s guilt and intent), and as usual FLA DA’s have over-charged for trial (See: Casey Anthony). From the evidence I have seen and heard Zimmerman’s account of the events that night have yet to be disputed. As to the issue of him being told not to get out of his car and follow Trayvon … Zimmerman was already out of his car and trekking before the 911 dispatcher instructed him not to … and may well have indicated such and was attempting to return to his car when he was then jumped by Trayvon from behind. Clearly you can hear on the recording (as long as it is NOT the deceptively edited MSNBC version of the tape) Zimmerman’s voice is affected by the walking motion of his body while talking with the 911 operator. He was NOT concerned about Martin because he was ‘black’, but because he was not from the complex that had multiple burglary hits on residents. Zimmerman’s mention of Martin’s skin color came after the 911 op asked for details. The media, the race-baiters, and those seeking blood in the Zimmerman case want to make him out to be a “white supremist” type (hence MSNBC’s severe editing of the 911 audio to twist it that way). And they also did that early on last year by attempting to strip him of at least half his own racial heritage by insisting “Oh, he’s a ‘white’ Hispanic. (As I pointed out, Obama has not, since entering office nearly 5 yrs ago, ever been referred to anything except ‘black’, inspite of being 1/2 white. That too is obviously a media ploy to cut-off-at-the-knees as “racist” any opposition to him and his policies/agenda.) Zimmerman MUST be white simply because Trayvon was black. Oh, and we all need to ask ourselves what we would’ve done in that situation … and then once you believe you have it figured out factor in the ‘out-of-your-control’ aspect of it. Yeah, Zimmerman assumed far too much authority to protect his neighborhood, but at some point Trayvon assumed far too much authority too by attacking him and escalating a situation that may have resolved itself peacefully by the time the police arrived to sort it out. In all reality, it was an unfortunate cluster-fark

    BTW, so far in all the witness testimony we have seen I’d say the prosecution has done a great job … for the defense’s case. At most Zimmerman, in my opinion, is guilty of ‘manslaughter’, and quite possible not even that. Either way, should the jury find in Zimmerman’s favor at the end, his life is ruined. He’s a marked man for the lawless, as indicated on recent Twitter chatter over the last week.

    It’s all been a very, very sad and stark commentary on where our society is, and exactly who has had a lot of control over stearing it in that direction.

    We give the MSM too, too much undeserved power. Jesus said to Pilate, “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above…”

    In our case the MSM and the political wheelers and dealers and race-baiters have as much power as WE stupidly and lazily allow them to have … and on top of it, fail to recognize we CAN take it away from them.

  7. Oh BTW, regarding the stark difference of such things…

    Several years back, on latenight TV, Alec Baldwin viciously called for, demanded, people to go to DC and stone to death certain republican Congressmen … AND their wives and children. Illegal on several different levels. I’m too damn lazy to see how many movies, TV projects, commercials, product endorsements, etc he’s profited from since…

    Paula Deen, however, truthfully admitted to uttering a disgusting racist word with a gun in her face during a robbery (didn’t cop-out with an “I don’t recall/remember” answer to the question), and may/may not have planned an old southern plantation wedding (or somesuch), neither of which is a criminal offense or illegal, or inciting of a riot and/or of the death(s) of others.

  8. Nobody’s claiming Martin “deserved to die.” That’s not the point of this trial, which is whether Zimmerman committed murder or acted in justifiable self-defense. And btw, if Zimmerman is white, what does that make Cubans like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Albinos?

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