Happy Birthday to Babalú!

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Ten years ago today Val Prieto published the first post on Babalú. A decade later, after over 28,000 posts and more than 7-million readers, Babalú is still here telling the truth about Cuba!

Happy Birthday Babalú!


You can read Sergio Candido’s feature (in Spanish) on Babalú and it’s birthday published in today’s El Nuevo Herald HERE.



12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Babalú!

  1. I cannot believe it’s been ten years.

    I am also disappointed we haven’t had that party celebrating Fidel’s death yet. But one day, one day…

  2. Dear Val and all at Babalu. I can’t believe ten years have gone by! My best wishes and feliz cumpleaños.
    This is a blog that ALL exiles should support. I have informed people whom are ignorant of Babulu.
    Again our best wishes and thank you for your hard work.

    Armando y Liliana Quincoses

  3. *that special bottle of rum in the cupboard*

    Everyone knows why it’s there.

    soon Alberto … soon.

    Thank you, to all the writers at Babalu that have provided so many with the truth that has befallen Cuba.


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