Ten years of Babalú: Love conquers all


No matter how you look at it, ten years is long time. In dog years, it can mean a lifetime. In internet years, however, where the average lifespan of a blog is measured in months, a decade can very well symbolize an eternity. Since the birth of blogging, Babalú has done what a very select few number of blogs have been able to do: provide consistent and timely content, build readership, and remain relevant for ten straight years. It is an astonishing feat for any blog, and even more so for a blog that deals almost exclusively with a topic that is neither popular nor very interesting for the vast majority of Americans. Nevertheless, through hard work, determination, and incredible writing, Babalú has not only lasted an internet eternity, it has become a daily source of news, information, and commentary on Cuba for tens of thousands of people.

Nevertheless, make no mistake about it; this ten-year run has not been easy. We are attacked constantly by hackers trying to knock down the website with the express purpose of silencing the truth. We are called all sorts of names and insulted on a daily basis by supporters of the Castro dictatorship. We are such a thorn in the side of the Cuban regime that its operatives here in the U.S. are forced to expend an inordinate amount of time and energy in their always futile attempts to marginalize and discredit us. And then you have your usual haters who just like to spew hatred. Those unfortunately are always around no matter what you write about.

But throughout it all, for ten eternal internet years, we have continued moving ahead with the truth. In spite of the attacks, despite the hatred and vitriol directed at us, ten years later, while many of the haters expended their months-long lifespan, Babalú continues to be the island on the net without a bearded dictator.

You may be wondering what is it about Babalú that has allowed it to last so long and have so much success. I wondered the same myself and have concluded that it is not just great writing and consistency but something even more important, more moving, and more effective: Love. At the end of the day, each and every one of us at Babalú do this for love. We do it for the love of freedom, for the love of what is right, for the love we have for our Cuban brothers and sisters still enslaved on the island, for the love of the country that was stolen from our parents, and for the love of the Cuban heritage that was stolen from us.

The difference between us and those who have tried unsuccessfully to destroy us over the past ten years is that we do what we do out of love, while they do what they do out of hate. It really is that simple.

Personally, I feel honored and privileged to be a part of this great group of people and this incredibly momentous triumph over hate; proof once again that in the end, love conquers all.



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  1. Babalu, babalu-RIP Desi Arnaz. His father buried next to Geraldito Machado. The best president Cuba ever had! En el cementrio de la 8 y 32 ave.

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