It’s the coconuts, I tell ya, the coconuts that will make us the envy of the world….

Cuban/ Sri Lankan Coconut Summit
Cuban/ Sri Lankan Coconut Summit: solamente para cubanos blanquitos (only for Cuban whites)

Slow news day in Sri Lanka.

Same as always in the Castro Kingdom: promoting useless solutions to the island’s economic disaster, making shady deals with third-world nations, cultivating crops for export rather than for the Cuban people, straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

Conservative estimates on the percentage of arable land going to waste and not being farmed in Castrogonia: somewhere around sixty percent.

Oh, but this coconut sector is the ticket: it’s going to pay off, big time, and make the Revolution successful, for sure.

Same nonsense as ever in the dystopian land of the Castro dynasty.  As Fidel might have said when he still had intestines and a brain:

“Con el coco todo, sin el coco nada. Coco sí, Coca-Cola no.  Y al Coco imperialista no le tenemos miedo.  Ese es el imperio Yanqui del coco falso, del coco seco, del coco podrido.  Ese imperio esta lleno de caca, no de coco, y le falta poco fara que se le funda el foco y llore a moco tendido, y se vuelva loco con envidia.  Y nuestros cocos serán los mas grandes del mundo, los mas bellos, los mas jugosos, los mas sabrosos, los mas caros, los mas revolucionarios, y se los venderemos a los hindues y los musulmanes y los alemanes, y los esquimales, y tendrán que construir los buques mas grandes del mundo para llenarlos con los billones y trillones de cocos que les venderemos.  Y cuando llegue a Moroco el coco nuestro– el coco pa’ moroco — necesitaran billones de camellos para cargarlos.   Muerte a la capitalista Coco Chanel, viva el coco nuestro.  Vivan los cocos de Karl Marx, y muerte al los de los hermanos Marx. Coco o muerte, venceremos…”

TheCuban  Coconut Sector
TheCuban Coconut Sector

Sri Lanka and Cuba Strengthen Cooperation in the Coconut Sector

Havana_03 July, (

At the invitation of the Cuban Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, the Minister of Coconut Development and Janatha Estate Development, Hon. Jagath Pushpakumara paid a 6 – day official visit to Cuba from 24th – 29th June 2013 accompanied by Chairman of the Coconut Research Board, Prof. H.P.M. Gunasena, Director of the Coconut Research Institute, Dr Jayantha Gunathillake and Chairman of the Coconut Cultivation Board, Mr.Sarath Keerthiratne….

After welcoming the Minister and delegation to Havana, the Cuban Minister briefed them on the current status of the country’s coconut sector and its significance for the people and economy of Cuba. The Cuban Minister conveyed Cuba’s gratitude to the Sri Lankan Minister for his commitment and enthusiasm to promote cooperation in the coconut sector….

As part of the program, the Sri Lankan delegation accompanied by Ambassador Dissanayake made a 3 – day field visit to the eastern region of Baracoa which is home to the largest coconut plantations, coconut processing and research facilities in Cuba and lies about 1200 kms from the capital city of Havana. In Baracoa, the delegation was able to get a firsthand knowledge on the current status of the coconut production and processing sectors and gather information and views of the grower communities involved in cultivation and processing of coconut.

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  1. This would be funny if it weren’t so typical. Castro, Inc. IS a joke, only a very nasty one. The fact its Maximum Leader never actually worked for a living and was prone to do things like appoint someone with absolutely NO relevant background, training or experience to run Cuba’s economy (yes, Mr. T-shirt) gives some idea of the problem. Actually, the key problem is that the operating system does NOT work, never has and cannot do so, and no amount of theory or propaganda can alter that.

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