Collision between two news stories about Cuban tour buses

Great timing.  Some coincidence.  It’s not every day that two news stories surface  about Cuban tour buses, cash cows of the Castro Kingdom’s tourism racket.

And it’s not every day that the coincidence includes a bus crash.

Please notice that the injuring of foreign tourists is the only reason the second story is filling up news space around the world.  If it had been a crappy bus for Cubans, filled with Cubans, forget it…

First came this fluff piece about Castrogonia’s bus apartheid system…..

Bus for tourists only
Transportation for tourists only

Cuba on the Buses

HAVANA TIMES — Tour buses are a common sight in Cuba. Our first week in Cuba we travelled on a comfortable tour bus, made in China. The streets of Trinidad, where we spent one night, were crawling with tour buses.

One day, as we stood on a hill looking down into central Havana, I counted 26 tour buses along the Av. Carlos Manuel de Cespedes.

Between cities we travelled on the Viazul system. Again, comfortable new buses, but too expensive for many Cubans. Cubans standing next to the highway holding up paper money are a common sight.

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Transportation for Cubans
Transportation for Cubans

Then came this story…  about the dangers of travel in Cuba.

From the BBC

Cuba coach crash leaves Foreign tourists injured

Two female British tourists are in hospital after a coach crashed in southern Cuba.

Cuban state media said Irish, Russian, Dutch, Czech and Philippine nationals were also among the 16 passengers on the bus, which overturned near the city of Cienfuegos on Thursday evening.

Three women are still in hospital, including the two Britons, one of whom is in intensive care.

The hospital said the condition of all three women was stable.

All the tourists on the bus were taken to hospital in Cienfuegos but most have now been discharged.

A Cuban driver and two guides were also on the vehicle at the time.

It is not yet known what caused the bus to swerve off the road on its way from the colonial town of Trinidad to the beach resort of Varadero.

The BBC’s Cuba correspondent Sarah Rainsford said it was the height of the tourist season, during which coaches were the main means of moving around the island.

Most roads are poorly maintained and dangers include large, unmarked potholes, and untethered animals although major accidents are relatively rare, our correspondent added.

British Embassy officials visited the injured tourists at the hospital on Friday and said they were “providing consular assistance”.

A spokesman for the embassy in Havana said it was raining at the time of the crash.

Embassy staff had been “in touch with the local authorities to try to find out what happened,” he added.



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  1. Can you imagine the deafening uproar and international scandal over white tourists trekking around apartheid South Africa in exclusive buses while observing the zoo animals, I mean the natives? And by the way, is that Marx on the side of that building or Osama bin Laden?

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