Miss us yet?

(Hosni Mubarak, Egypt)

(Reza Pahlavi, Iran)

(Anastasio Somoza, Nicaragua)

(Marcos Perez Jimenez, Venezuela)

(“Baby Doc” Duvalier, Haiti)

(Chiang-Kai-Shek, China)

And a man who needs no introdution:



6 thoughts on “Miss us yet?

  1. Hum-Boy-Dah, you left out Saddam Hussein. Iraq is now divided up into enclaves of Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, all bombing and killing each other. What did the U.S. gain from its involvement? The real winner is Israel, who did not lose one soldier or spend one shekel to get rid of their number 1 enemy, who had dropped scud missiles into Israel during the Gulf War.

  2. This is a repulsive comment and revisionist history.

    When Bush did the surge, even the liberals had to admit that it worked. Iraq was a free country with luxury hotels booked for years to come, with stability, free elections, free press, etc. Of course Iran sent homicide bombers in to try to destroy the peace. But the country was thriving and would have made it as a stable one.

    But elections have consequences. When Obama was elected instead of someone who understood the importance of a quiet Afghanistan and a free Iraq as buffers to Iran, he upended all of our gains and then went about making more trouble as he gave comfort to Islamists and turned his back on all of our friends whenever he could. So now those who love to look at things in a vacuum, simply say it was all for nothing.

    And your sentence about Israel does nothing to help me respect your anti historical comment.

  3. You are blindly passionate about the foreign country of Israel to the point of offending someone you do not know. You obviously have not read my two history books published by a university press to call me “revisionist” and “anti historical.” Ever since the U.S. rid Israel of its former No. 1 enemy, Saddam Hussein, the Zionists and their media allies have been agitating for the U.S. to go to war against Iran, Israel’s Number 1 enemy today, because they are building a nuclear bomb. No mention is made that Israel has more than 300 nuclear bombs and it is a crime for the Israeli news media to mention it. North Korea has detonated THREE nuclear bombs the past decade, has openly threatened the U.S. and South Korea, and no one is calling for war against them, especially those who want war against Iran. Speaking of turning back on friends, Israel on June 8, 1967, killed 34 American sailors and wounded another 174 on the USS Liberty. The details of this treacherous deed were covered up by the U.S. government and the U.S. Congress refused to censor Israel. For less than that, the U.S. has declared war on other nations. http://www.gtr5.com/

  4. antonio2009,

    I am not going to write a many page rebuttal to you, but as in your original comment you leave out what you want and include things that are not true. Israel was in the middle of a war against aggressors from every Arab country surrounding it. Israel fought this war without the assistance of any other country. The Liberty was mistaken for one of the enemy ships. Israel afterward, when the mistake was discovered, immediately apologized and made reparations to those killed. The evidence presented by Israel was good enough to satisfy all in our state department in the Johnson administration.

    That said, when we look at the history of the relationship between Israel and free countries of the world and compare it to the damage and dangers from enemies of freedom in Arab countries, I think it is quaint at least for you to tell me I am “blindly passionate” about “the foreign country of Israel”. Your umbrage at my having offended you is adorable as well.

    If someone writes a comment, someone else has the right to comment back. I didn’t tell you you offended me. I didn’t call you blindly passionate. I said you are using revisionist history and I could have added selective indignation. That is what I saw. Your prejudices were easily on display in the way you described what happened in Iraq and the fact that you left out what I said about it in your response.

    The fact that you wrote two history books does not impress me. You can google the Liberty incident and see lots of “history” about the incident. Those who do not like Israel believe the history of the Liberty assault your way and those who recognize Israel’s right to exist, and are pleased to have Israel as an ally of the U.S. and freedom, accept Israel’s admission of guilt here and go on with their lives.

  5. Yes, Batista was corrupt, but all he really wanted was money and acceptance. He never even imagined the kind of power Fidel was after, and he was not destructive, but venal, clumsy and stupid. He was simply a hack dictator, the result of a chronically dysfunctional political system reflecting a shallow, careless and childish citizenry. If he’d been more “competent,” he’d have made short work of Fidel.

  6. asombra, your comment about Batista reflects the dialogue between antonio and me. If we take things out of context and forget to compare, we can allow ourselves to despise one entity and make ourselves proud of ourselves for our cleverness.
    When one reads Solzhenitzen’s Gulag Archipelago, and I read every jot and tittle of all three volumes, he stresses that the Tzar was not wonderful, but compared to the communists, it was a walk in paradise, even in the prisons and the number of people killed, tortured or imprisoned, the Tzar pales as evil by comparison.
    Same with those who call me gusano because I don’t like Castro. And, antonio, yes, you make the same mistake when you pick and choose things that Israel has done that displease you or shock you and take it out of context or don’t compare it to the behavior of their enemies.
    Also it is silly to call any country Israel’s number one enemy because as Tom Lehrer so aptly put it, Everyone hates the Jews – but it’s National Brotherhood Week…..

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