“I’m Still Standing!” (sings Ramiro Valdes)


Genuine Cuba experts know that Raul Castro and Ramiro Valdes have always been enemies, of sorts. Some of my spies tell me it started at the first skirmish after the Granma landing at Alegria del Pio. Here Raul and Fidel ran, while Ramiro fought.

Others among my sagacious and cunning henchmen inform me that it predates even that. The Moncada attack saw the same thing: Fidel and Raul hiding, the barely literate grocery clerk Ramiro Valdes fighting.

Valdes sensed who was on top, however, so Ramirito hitched his wagon to Fidel.


Whatever, he was always regarded as a Fidelista, rather than a Raulista— a distinction that became important when Raul took the reigns. Yet as flush after flush sinks Fidelistas (Lage, Perez-Roque, Alarcon) Ramiro Valdes keeps bobbing back to the surface.


(More on this in Spanish from Cafe Fuerte here)

The barely-literate Ramiro Valdes served twice as Castro’s Minister of the Interior (Secret Police Chief.) He ran Cuba’s KGB and GRU-mentored repressive apparatus at a time the Castro regime jailed and tortured the most political prisoners per-capita on earth.

His deployment to Venezuela (to spy and record and threaten) seems to have kept that hapless nation in the bag for Castro.

So apparently, the KGB’s star Cuban pupil–their most enthusiastic and accomplished torturer and spy–is regarded as extremely important by “pragmatic reformer” Raul Castro. So much so, that he patched up their spat.


“Pragmatic” indeed!



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  1. I do not know how much reign Raul has truly taken with Fidel still there. Sure, the fagot will receive so and so, talk more trash than before, order this beating, and that “accident” but so much as to dictate purges and forced retirements over Fidel? Doubt it. As far as I know the “Fidelistas” (aka minions and trained morons) Lage, Perez-Roque, and Alarcon were flushed by Fidel himself.

    This was always an egomaniac’s one man show and will remain a one man show till the very end. That said, I don’t even think that utilitarian ilk like Fidel, and Raul, give a crap about the destiny of that tyranny once they are gone. I have a very strong felling that the moment these two scumbags die those remaining, stupid, and subservient yes-men will be zeros to the left running against each other trying to turn Cuba into a Vietnam in hopes of salvation before half of them also put both feet in the casket the following day (it will be in the hands of USA if the overdue cancer continues, sadly).

    I mean, it’s mere speculation based on observation but just look at those people in the back, just look at that, no jodas…

  2. Ramiro Valdes was not a grocery clerk prior to the Moncada attack. He was “a twenty-one-year-old unemployed truck driver’s helper.” (The Moncada Attack: Birth of the Cuban Revolution, p. 40). Valdes’ job was to load wooden soda crates on the truck. One crate had fallen on his knee just prior to the Moncada attack, which left him unemployed during his lengthy recuperation. Valdes fled from the Moncada on a car with a flat tire that, as he was driving in reverse at great speed, slammed into another vehicle. He later left the auto abandoned in the Vista Alegre neighborhood.

  3. Another clown playing general with a military uniform. As if Ramiro Valdes ever trained as a soldier, climbed the ranks of the army or even fought in a war. Like his boss, fidel, he doned on the uniform after hiding out safely in the Sierra Maestra with their clandestine radio for the duration of the so-called revolution that they usurped at the end when the real revolutionaries were killed and there was a vacuum left open. Dam, if ever there was a monumental farce, it’s fidel’s Cuba. Everything there is a lie from start to finish.

    Anyway, let’s hope that scumbag–known to be particularly ruthless– is also removed. The one thing that we know about the castro’s is that they are absolutely ruthless and have no gratitude to anyone. Case in point, Alarcon, that faithful labdog was unceremoniously removed.

  4. Ramiro is a prime candidate for the death penalty for crimes against humanity, as happened with Nazi criminals at the Nuremberg trials, but I’m afraid even major players like him will not get what they deserve (at least not in this world). He’ll probably either die of natural causes before the ship sinks or flee to a comfortable exile in a place like Chile. But give the SOB some credit: at least he worked for a living, unlike Fidel, who always lived off other people. Still, it’s nice to be reminded that Cuba was put in the hands of its best and brightest, no? Like Camilo Cienfuegos, who’d been a tailor’s apprentice before he became, you know, a major military figure, or something. The “revolution” was extremely generous when it came to handing out high military rank. Ask the top “military” man in the country, the Milli Vanilli general who also pretends to be “president.”

  5. Who’s Mr. Potatohead? My family always called Raul garbanzoface…kind of a wrinkled garbanzo now.

  6. Yes, a freak show, but for some inexplicable reason, they’ve pulled the wool over the eyes of the world. Well, maybe not so inexplicable, some have believed them or supported them, because they are useful fools, others out of monetary interest [they see Cuba as a resource to be exploited] and yet, others out of hatred for the USA [Spain, Latrine America and Mexico being prime examples]. The worst complicits have been the fashionable limousene leftists [Barbara Walters, Steven Spielberg, Hollywood producers, directors and actors, mainstream media types, etc…] who view that these scumbags as historically relevant, and even heroic.

  7. There are various reasons why the world has found Castro, Inc. acceptable if not downright admirable. One of them, of course, is a patronizing condescension which sees Cubans as inferior beings unlike, say, Canadians, let alone Europeans. You know, little island people of color, or noble savages, or, in effect, zoo animals or theme park characters. This is highly hypocritical, not to mention insulting, but hypocrisy is so pervasive that, strictly speaking, it’s quite normal.

    However, when it’s all said and done, nobody showed greater disrespect for Cuba than Cubans themselves, who were ultimately responsible for their national disaster–a disaster that will remain as an eternal disgrace.

  8. FC to Ramiro: “Oye, aunque todo el mundo te tiene miedo, no te olvides que NOBODY fucks with Nosferatu, OK?”

  9. Some years ago Chavez did one of those moronic propagandistic videos from Cuba where, among all the stupid shit he spoke, he explained to his moronic supporters that Castro had tremendous technology “phones that connect to satellites in outer space and are capable of reaching any corner of the world”. Apparently the cretin had no idea that all Castro has are the same 3G cellular phones that any minimum-wage pothead has in any country of the world.

    The charade was typical of communist nature but Chavez was making such a parody of himself that not even the Cubans could believe it. One could see it in their faces that they were not used to this level of buffoonery. It wasn’t that they were upset but rather keen and fearful of what he might say on camera. Amidst all this, I remember this son of a whore Valdes strolling with Chavez and telling him how they, in that very spot, defeated the American military back in 1958. I could not have been anymore shameless (I started joking).

    Obviously, not only did the Americans never attack them; the Americans HELPED them with CIA support and in 1958 placed an arms embargo on the Cuban military for their sake. The criminal fraud probably thought “Coño, ya que tengo puesto un disfraz de militar, ante tanto descaro, tanta mierda, y tantos aparentes come mierdas, por qué no. I too want my studio gangster moment.”

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