Canadians: world’s most enthusiastic supporters of slavery, neo-racism, and neo-colonialism


Here we go again.

God-damned sons of bitches. Unprincipled bastards. @#$#@!^%$#@*&!  Neo-slavers, neo-racists, neo-colonialists.

800,000 Canadians.  They lead the charge, year after year.  They invade Castrogonia to sun themselves on the beaches, gawk at the Cuban slaves in their hovels, and screw their brains out with as many natives as possible, including children.

And they like feeling superior to the natives, and love to exploit them.

And the Edmonton Journal contributes to this offensive, stomach-churning disgrace by publishing a long, detailed article on all of the beaches, resorts, and sights Canadians can visit in Cuba.

Not one word about the Cuban people.  Not a single word.  Nothing about the oppression.  Nothing about the Apartheid system that allows Canadians to enjoy all of these places while Cubans basically work as their slaves.

Some day, articles like this will be studied for their insensitivity, blindness, racism, and neo-colonial pretensions.  This is the new slavery, the new colonialism.  The #@$%^%$#@! bastards who write stuff like this and promote tourism in Castrogonia, along with the @#$%^&*($#@! immoral monsters who go as tourists will be thought of as no different from the slave-traders and slave-owners of yesteryear.

Yes.  The day will come.   Perhaps not in our lifetime, but it will come.  It has to.

The most awful irony in all this is that most of the Canadians who support the Castro tyranny through their tourist dollars consider themselves enlightened opponents of racism and colonialism.  And the vast majority would have never set foot in the old South Africa.

Despicable hypocrites.


Seductive Cuba lures Canadians to its stunning beach resorts and historic cities

When you live in a cold country, it’s good to have some southern friends. In the 1800s, we traded our cod for Cuban rum; today we trade tourist dollars for the country’s sun. Last year just over 800,000 Canadians visited; we represent 36 per cent of all foreign visitors to Cuba, and many of us are repeat customers who can’t get enough of the Cuban experience.

The three most popular fun-and-sun destinations are all located on the northern coastline. Each offers the four pillars of the classic getaway vacation: plenty of sea, sand, sun and socializing. Daytime activities are focused on water sports or day trips to nearby attractions. Don’t bother planning excursions on your own. Not only is transportation tricky but you will be fined for not using a state-appointed agency. Save money and book trips though your hotel’s agency.

Looking for one of the more laid-back vacation spots on the island? Now the third-most-popular destination in Cuba, Guardalavaca is located on the northeastern coastline province of Holguin, about 700 kilometres from Havana. This is being touted as Cuba’s ecotourism destination, and not only is it a stunning natural area, it’s managed to retain more authenticity than many tourist spots here. Guardalavaca was badly damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008, but the Cuban government has put a lot of work into restoring its amenities to the expected standard.

…and… it goes on and on and on…. read it HERE and get ready for an embolia….



7 thoughts on “Canadians: world’s most enthusiastic supporters of slavery, neo-racism, and neo-colonialism

  1. Despicable hypocrites indeed. Obviously, Canada should get absolutely nothing from Cubans except contempt. But it’s not just Canadians; it’s the fact that what they’re doing remains perfectly acceptable regardless of where the tourists come from, meaning everybody is OK with it (except “those people”). If this kind of tourism were not PC, like “playing Sun City” was not PC, you’d better believe it wouldn’t be happening anywhere near as much. Hypocritical insensitivity begets more of the same–if it’s “normal,” then what’s the problem?

  2. Carlos, every word you’ve said here is correct.

    How many other islands in the sun could the canadians visit?

  3. Well, I’m sure Pierre Trudeau, wherever he is, is proud of his countrymen. I wonder how much of this situation relates to anti-Americanism. Heaven knows that’s behind all sorts of despicable behavior that winds up supporting Castro, Inc. I’m not suggesting that’s the only factor involved, of course, but it could be part of the rotten reasoning behind Canadian tourism to Cuba.

  4. Yeah… anti-Americanism has something to do with it. No doubt about it. But deep down, more essential than anti-Americanism, the reason so many Canadians go to enjoy themselves in Cuba, and keep pouring in, and out, and back again, is that they are racists at heart, or worse, misanthropic narcissistic navel-gazers who think they are superior to Cubans. I don’t care how secluded the beach resorts are, all Canadians who go to Cuba — and above all the travel writers — have to encounter the decay, the poverty, the destitution, the moral bankruptcy, and all of the other ills that plague that island. They don’t care about such things because they live in their own private world and can return to a free country after they’ve enjoyed being served by slaves.

  5. I agree, Carlos, but I think a key factor is the fact that, from the fashionably leftist perspective of the world, this kind of tourism is perfectly fine, or even “pro-Cuba” as the regime would have it. This gives Canadians (and obviously other tourists) a kind of “progressive” dispensation, so they can act with little or no guilt. True, many of them would feel no guilt anyway, but even those would think twice about vacationing in Cuba if it was considered a bad thing by the prevailing sociopolitical ethos. Again, the hypocrisy or double standard is staggering.

  6. Yes, Asombra, you are right… the anti-Americanism is the frosting on the cake.
    Or, as Cubans might say, el merengue…….

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