Cuba “Expertise”(!!!) from Los Angeles Times’ Carol Williams

“You bucking for my job, Chica?!

I SWEAR I am quoting Overseas Press Club honoree Carol Williams of the Los Angeles Times and not Cuban foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in Cubadebate or Granma:

“Both Venezuela and Cuba want to get their hands on the 85-year-old Posada, accused of orchestrating the 1976 terrorist bombing of a Cuban airliner in which all 73 on board died.

Like Venezuela, Cuba has unresolved diplomatic issues with the United States. Four of five Cubans convicted of espionage in 2001 remain in U.S. prisons serving long terms for spying on anti-Castro exile groups like those aligned with Posada.

No mention that Posada was acquitted. No mention that the Cuban Five were up to any mischief whatsoever. Instead the average Los Angeles Times reader infers that the Cuban Five are indeed “Five Heroes”–and that (their spy target) Brothers To The Rescue were in the habit of blowing up civilian airplanes and murdering the pilots and passengers, little guessing that Carol Williams is essentially transcribing a propaganda script from the convicted terrorists and murderers of civilian planes themselves!…unreal…So let’s check on Carol William’s track record of Cuba “expertise”(!!!) shall we:

Her clairvoyance from 2008:

(Fidel) Castro hints at a younger ruler in the coming Cuba. His brother Raul may not take the helm as expected.

The elder Castro recently has indicated that he may favor a younger, more energetic person to succeed him…Speculation about who may become president, if not Raul, has centered on Vice President Carlos Lage…others mentioned as possible heads of state are Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, and National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcon. (note from intransigent poster: she bats 1000! She didn’t miss a ONE!)

Cuba scholars describe Castro’s carefully managed withdrawal as evidence that gradual change is on the horizon for the island, whether or not U.S. policy is revised to promote that change.

“What we will see in agriculture and in small businesses that are now state-run is a redefinition of property rights,” said Julia Sweig..”

Carol Williams sure relies on some crackerjack sources. And for some reason she travels in and out of Cuba almost at will.

“Foreign reporters–preferably American–were much more valuable to us than any military victory. Much more valuable than recruits for our guerrilla force, were American media recruits to export our propaganda.” (Che Guevara, 1958)



7 thoughts on “Cuba “Expertise”(!!!) from Los Angeles Times’ Carol Williams

  1. Doesn’t Che look like someone you’d trust with the national economy? No? Well, he was entrusted with Cuba’s. Disaster ensued. Imagine that.

  2. Indeed, “let’s hand an economy with the lowest inflation in the hemisphere, a peso valued equal (and occasionally) higher than the U.S. dollar–let’s turn this over to Cantinflas!

  3. Che’s picture is all over olvera street. what is it with these people always jabbing the cuban-american but embracing the anti-american chicano movement in los angeles?

  4. She had one half way decent article back in 08. I´ve emailed her over the years, never received a response. Folks just can´t get past the adulation over all that free healthcare, or justice, or cigars, or dreams of utopia, or whatever…

  5. They used to blame Dr. Orlando Bosch for the Cubana bombing but have stopped mentioning after his death two years ago. The two Venezuelans convicted of the bombing, Hernan Ricardo and Freddy Lugo, live peacefully in Caracas after serving twenty years in a Venezuelan prison 1976-1996. Cuba has never demanded their extradition.

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