So Paula Deen’s the Evil one? (yet Bourdain filmed a tourism commercial for Castro’s Stalinst/Apartheid regime)




Paula Deen occasionally used the N-word, we’ve recently learned. For this she was tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, and fed to the ‘gators.

Anthony Bourdain, on the other hand, headlined a propaganda junket to help secure the financial lifeline for the Stalinist regime that jailed and tortured the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history.

But Bourdain sniffs that: “She (Paula Deen) revels in unholy connections with evil corporations.” Going further, he denounces Paula Deen’s professional endeavors as “in excruciatingly bad taste.” Further still, Bourdain finds Paula Deen, “unconscionable, cynical, and greedy.”

You’ve probably noticed whose side the media takes.

Allow me to explain:

Our friends at Townhall help put a celebrity feud in proper balance.


(Pero fijense que tipo mas DESCARA’O!!! este Fontova! El articulo se trata casi totalmente de los prisoneros politicos cubanos y como la prensa los ignora y los turistas ayudan a sus torturadores. Pero como este Fontova sabe bien que a NADIE le importa tres pepinos esos temas, entonces los hace creer que el articulo se trata de “celebrities” (que como bien se sabe–le interesan a TODOS!)..pero que tipo mas SINVERGUENZA!!!)



7 thoughts on “So Paula Deen’s the Evil one? (yet Bourdain filmed a tourism commercial for Castro’s Stalinst/Apartheid regime)

  1. Bourdain is just another PC whore, who are a penny a dozen, but that’s always safe and often profitable. He apparently wants his cut out of the Deen feeding frenzy. The woman means nothing to me, but pitiful though she may be, Bourdain strikes me as a self-serving hypocritical asshole, not to mention a phony.

  2. Chances are, if suggested by her producers, (the liberal Obama supporter) Deen woulda ALSO traveled to Cuba. Who knows? But most people don’t like ambiguity. They want White hats and Black hats, “da good guys–and da bad guys”…So in my piece she emerges as a “white hat”…and so it goes…

  3. Deen may well be ambiguous, quite possibly a case of wanting to have her cake and eat it, too (no pun intended), but that doesn’t change what Bourdain is.

  4. Bourdain is detestable. I saw his travelogue to Cuba, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he took a preemptive low strike at exiles that was totally in [not bad], horrible taste! He said something to the effect that Miami Cubans can never be satisifed. He knew that we would be unhappy with his crap, so he had to attack. The implicaiton being that his travelogue wasn’t what is was, pure unadulteraed propaganda, it’s that we’re reasonably demanding and petulant littke chihuahuas. Bourdain is a douchebag pure and simple. I detest him and never watch anything he’s in so as not to give him ratings. His propaganda piece for castro lost him to me forever.

  5. Bourdain was probably too drunk to remember he was in Cuba let alone what he said about Paula Deen

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