In memory of the 41 Cubans massacred by the Castro dictatorship on July 13, 1994

In memory of the Cuban men, women, and children who were viciously murdered by the Castro dictatorship as they tried to escape the island on a tugboat named 13 de Marzo.

Abreu Ruíz, Angel René. Age: 3.
Alcalde Puig, Rosa María. Age: 47.
Almanza Romero, Pilar. Age: 31.
Alvarez Guerra, Lissett María. Age: 24.
Anaya Carrasco, Yaltamira. Age: 22.
Balmaseda Castillo, Jorge Gregorio. Age: 24.
Borges Alvarez, Giselle. Age: 4.
Borges Briel, Lázaro Enrique. Age: 34.
Carrasco Sanabria, Martha Mirilla. Age: 45.
Cayol, Manuel. Age: 56.
Enríquez Carrazana, Luliana. Age: 22.
Fernández Rodríguez, María Miralis. Age: 27.
Feu González Rigoberto. Age: 31
García Suárez, Joel. Age: 20.
Góngora, Leonardo Notario. Age: 28.
González Raices, Amado. Age: 50.
Guerra Martínez, Augusto Guillermo. Age: 45.
Gutiérrez García, Juan Mario. Age: 10.
Levrígido Flores, Jorge Arquímedes. Age: 28.
Leyva Tacoronte, Caridad. Age: 5.
Loureiro, Ernesto Alfonso. Age: 25
Marrero Alamo, Reynaldo Joaquín. Age: 48.
Martínez Enriquez, Hellen. Age: 5 Months.
Méndez Tacoronte, Mayulis. Age: 17.
Muñoz García, Odalys. Age: 21.
Nicle Anaya, José Carlos. Age: 3.
Pérez Tacoronte, Yousell Eugenio. Age: 11.
Perodín Almanza, Yasser. Age: 11.
Prieto Hernández, Fidencio Ramel. Age: 51.
Rodríguez Fernández, Xicdy. Age: 2.
Rodríguez Suárez, Omar. Age: 33.
Ruíz Blanco, Julia Caridad. Age: 35.
Sanabria Leal, Miladys. Age: 19.
Suárez Esquivel, Eduardo. Age: 38.
Suárez Esquivel, Estrella. Age: 48.
Suárez Plasencia, Eliécer. Age: 12.
Tacoronte Vega, Martha Caridad. Age: 35
And 4 more that still remain unidentified.

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3 thoughts on “In memory of the 41 Cubans massacred by the Castro dictatorship on July 13, 1994

  1. The response (or lack thereof) to this horror by the world’s media, politicians, “intellectuals” and “humanitarian” celebrities encapsulates all one needs to know about the world’s hypocrisy, falseness and perversity regarding Cuba. If an unfashionable right-wing regime like Pinochet’s, let alone Botha’s, had done the same thing, the response would have been radically different. Once again, I repeat the obvious: that world is FULL OF SHIT, and it does NOT deserve one iota of respect.

  2. Gee, I wonder what Rev. Joan Brown Campbell would say/do about this. After all, she was SO concerned over little Elián’s fate and all. But wait, wouldn’t she have said/done something back in 1994, or at least long before now? Imagine that.

  3. Maybe we’re blowing this all out of proportion. There’s always the Lula explanation: the dead, like Orlando Zapata Tamayo, were just delinquents who basically had it coming. That would explain why the New York Times treated this incident like a man-bites-dog story–and the NYT is the paper of record, you know.

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