Machismo is dead in Cuba. Or moribund. Or somewhat different. So they say….

Oye, pssst, viva la revolucion, guapo...y viva el partido..
Oye, pssst, nene, viva la revolucion, y demosle un nuevo sentido a la palabra “partido”…..

Hey, uff da!  Metrosexuals in Cuba!  “Pampered bodies,” too…. and an “urban middle class!”

Why, Mildred, see, I told you so: Raul Castro has really turned things around for those poor people down there.  His reforms have worked like a charm.

And now those knuckle-dragging exiles down in Miami can finally shut up and stop their constant whining.  Here you have it, Mildred, incontrovertible proof that Cuba is fast becoming an advanced civilized nation, with a middle class and pampered young men.

Oh, I tell you, Mildred, to think that under that blond and blue-eyed, U.S.-backed monster Batista they all lived like animals in grass huts and caves, shoeless, illiterate, and disease-ridden, surviving on roots, insects, lizards, and the scraps tossed at them by the American mobsters who owned everything!

Bastards, those exiles, always bad-mouthing those dynamic strong men Fidel and Raul who have done such wonderful things, always complaining that the news media doesn’t cover Cuba correctly.

Tell you what, Mildred: these hip Cuban kids are the hope of the world, and so are the brave journalists who dare to tell their story!  Good God, I hope we can get some of them to become exchange students right here in Arschkopf, Minnesota.

Why, just look at the young man in that photo, Mildred…. don’t you just want to hug him till his joints pop?  Uff da!…..  Yeah, so sweet and innocent and urbane, all at once.

Metrosexualism in Cuba: Macho Minds in Pampered Bodies

Metrosexuals are becoming more common among the urban middle class in Cuba. Credit: Jorge Luis Baños/IPS

HAVANA, Jul 14 2013 (IPS) – More and more young men in Cuba are moving away from the traditional masculine aesthetic and are spending hours in front of the mirror or at the gym. But they are not any less “machista” in behaviour, according to specialists meeting in the capital.

“All over Cuba we see young men who pluck their eyebrows and dye their hair, while within they keep repeating the traditional machista model unthinkingly,” psychologist Airelav Pérez, of the “Efraín Benítez Popa” medical school in the eastern city of Bayamo, told IPS.

Pérez and her team this year used the Community Corrective Processes methodology (ProCC) — created by Argentine psychologist Mirtha Cucco about 40 years ago — with a group of 27 medical students to learn more about this kind of behaviour.

“It was a very small study, but we thought it was significant that the child-raising criteria used with these students continued to reinforce the hegemonic model of masculinity, which they repeat even though they break with traditional aesthetics associated with men,” she said.

In her opinion, “it seems like the traditional pattern does not completely meet the needs of young people today, which is why they are paying more attention to their bodies and their appearance, hygiene and beauty, something that wasn’t so important before.”

She added that “at least something is changing.

“Most of them said that they were doing that (engaging in the tendency known internationally as metrosexual) so that girls would like them, or to follow the fashions that are set by artists and athletes,” said Karelia Fernández, another of the study’s authors. Their research investigated whether the new masculine image was accompanied by inner change among these young people.

More of this crap HERE, if you have the patience for it….



3 thoughts on “Machismo is dead in Cuba. Or moribund. Or somewhat different. So they say….

  1. “It seems like the traditional pattern does not completely meet the needs of young people today” Of course is doesn’t. No morals, no goals, no job. “No direction home.” I know, Dylan, but the words fit.

    “When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose
    You’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal.

    How does it feel
    How does it feel
    To be on your own
    With no direction home
    Like a complete unknown
    Like a rolling stone?”

    Welcome to utopia.

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