Et tu FIU?

It is not like Florida International University has been a paragon of virtue when it comes to defending the Cuban people from the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship (see Professor Lisandro Perez), but really…

Julia Sweig?

Marifeli Perez-Stable?

Are you serious? Was Mariela Castro unavailable?

Via Cuba Confidential:

Coming Soon: The Potential Role of FIU in a Post-Castro Cuba

Event information
Start: Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013, 09:45AM
End: Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013, 12:45PM
Venue: Modesto A. Maidique Campus, College of Business, Special Events Center, Room 233

The FIU Cuba Forum is an open discussion among FIU experts and the community regarding the appropriate role of FIU in a post-Castro Cuba. This discussion will serve as the first step in planning for FIU’s participation in Cuba, once federal and state laws allow exchange, and the FIU Board of Trustees deems it appropriate.

The backdrop for the discussion will be a review conducted by renowned economist and Latin American Studies Professor Carmelo Mesa-Lago. His presentation will highlight opportunities and needs in Cuba as well as resources and strengths that FIU can bring to the table. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion that includes key FIU faculty and administrators in areas such as business, engineering, hospitality, medicine, and international relations.


Mark Rosenberg, President, FIU
Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Consultant
Julia E. Sweig, Director for Latin America Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
Jorge Duany, Director, Cuban Research Institute, FIU

Luis Salas, Associate Vice President, Research, FIU

Panel Members:
Mike Hampton, Dean, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, FIU
Amir Mirmiran, Dean, College of Engineering and Computing, FIU
Frank Mora, Director, Latin American and Caribbean Center, FIU
Marifeli Pérez-Stable, Professor, Global & Sociocultural Studies, FIU
Monica Tremblay, Associate Professor, Decision Sciences and Information Systems, FIU
Inés R. Triay, Director, Applied Research Center, FIU
Fernando Valverde, Chief Executive Officer, HWCOM Health Care Network Faculty Group, FIU

Editor’s Note: Past reporting on Perez-Stable’s affiliation with Cuban Intelligence can be found here and Similarly, information on the major role of Cuban spies in Julia Sweig’s writing career can be found here:—-Expert——-or-Castro-Agent





5 thoughts on “Et tu FIU?

  1. This is perfectly in character and hardly new. MPS is an FIU creature, so of course she fits right in, and Sweig is the new Smith, more or less, and if she’s kosher for Saladrigas…But hey, gotta play the PC game–wouldn’t want to be lumped in with “those people.” I wrote FIU off ages ago; calling it disgraceful is an understatement.

  2. Asombra, what does the acronym “MPS” stand for? As for the panel, if we Cuban exiles don’t get off our asses [which we won’t] and do something, this will continue. But why should these little shindigs stop? The “left” has scared us off into a corner. Any time that we move a finger, the mainstream media shoots off some editorial accusing us of intolerance [thus scaring us into inertia] and our movers and shakers are not institution builders. They don’t create enough chairs in universities or fund programs and think tanks that could provide a viable alternative. Reinaldo Arenas wrote that he once got together with a bunch of Cuban millionaires and asked them to create a Cuban run publishing house that would disseminate freedom oriented Cuban information. Their shocking answer: THERE’S NO MONEY IN THAT!

  3. And all this bankrolled by the FL/US taxpayers, as they keep the lights on at the school. Another reason to abolish subsidized higher ed; all these places are nothing more than bastions of indoctrination, as you can see from all the usual players listed on the program.

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