Chong Chon Gang: prelude to Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0, Gangnam Style ?


How lovely.

As the Walrus might say: “You’ve been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down….  Goo goo g’ joob….”

Except in this case, the naughty girl had her knickers pulled down by Panamanian inspectors.

Missiles hidden beneath tons of Cuban sugar on the good ship Chong Chon Gang.  Such a beautiful metaphor.

Azuuuucar!  Cooooooheeetes!

But, wait, it’s not a metaphor at all.  It’s very real.

And the captain tried to kill himself when the secret cargo was discovered.  Ay, mami!

Castrogonia claims that the missiles are “obsolete” and at the same time still worth refurbishing for “defensive” purposes.

And, even worse, the Castronoids claim that “The Republic of Cuba reiterates its firm and unwavering commitment with peace, disarmament, including nuclear disarmament, and respect for International Law,”

As Martin Luther said to Ulrich Zwingli at the Marburg Colloquy in 1529:  “This logic of yours would get any schoolboy caned and sent to the corner with a dunce cap on his head.”

That such nonsense could be paraded as a defensible excuse for shuttling missiles back and forth between Cuba and North Korea shows — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that officials in Castrogonia are woefully out of touch with reality.  There is probably no single factor at work here, but several do jump into view immediately if you make the slightest effort to comprehend their lame attempt to cover up their shady deal with North Korea, both literally and figuratively.

1. Blame the Castroite educational system, which has placed a straitjacket on all subjected to its relentless brainwashing.  Critical thinking is not on the curriculum.

2. Blame the mindset cultivated in Castrogonia, where a few elites who consider themselves very intelligent dedicate their lives to spinning lies about everything and broadcasting these lies as news for a populace that they think will accept everything they say, no matter what, because they have all been brainwashed.   Not only that, these pseudo-intellectual elites who write for Granma and all the other outlets of the Ministry of Truth really do think that they are far superior to the dupes for whom they craft all their lies.   In other words, the geniuses who came up with the explanation for the missiles on the Chong Chon Gang think of themselves as college professors who teach kindergartners, and can’t even begin to imagine that there is a world where people can actually employ their reasoning faculties.

3. Blame the ethical code of Castrogonia and all communist regimes, where lying is a virtue.   This means that the “geniuses” who spin the lies actually think they are wonderful, and their wonderfulness makes them even more superior.

4. Blame the leaders of the so-called free world, who long ago gave up on policing the many rogue nations and bona-fide villains who threaten to sink all of humanity into utter darkness and abject suffering.

5. Blame so-called President Obama above all, who has given every green light possible to the dynasties that rule North Korea and Cuba in their pursuit of roguishness and law-breaking.   He simply doesn’t care what they do, and they know it.  Or worse, he likes what they’re doing and cleverly allows his lassitude cover up his true disdain for America and the so-called free world.

6. Blame the United Nations, that shameful forum where the Castro Kingdom is appointed to serve on the human rights council.    In addition to boasting of its shameless hypocrisy, the UN also dares to boast of its impotence.

7. Blame those many citizens of the so-called free world who actually cheer for North Korea and the Castro Kingdom, upon whom the leaders of both of those sinkholes of evil rely for support and understanding.

8.  And… yes, blame all the tourists who visit Castrogonia and keep it alive like some Frankenstein’s monster or demonic Golem.

9. And… yes, blame the so-called journalists who write fluff pieces about Castrogonia, or worse, recycle the lies of the Castronoid authorities as “news” and lead the so-called free world to believe that the seventh circle of hell is really an okay place, reforming itself and definitely worth visiting.

10.  Well…. how about those Cubans who travel to their native land loaded with goodies and send as many dollars and euros as they can to that seventh circle of hell.  How do you think that Castrogonia can make deals with North Korea?  Is it the sugar?  Come on…. no me jodas…. it is all due to those dollars and euros that pour into that circle of hell day after day, sent by Cubans who call themselves exiles but don’t really live in exile, and really have no logical ethical code, just like the cretins who run Castrolandia.

11 to infinity:  Castro, Castro, Castro, Castro, Castro, Castro………..

Obsolete Equipment for Defnse Purposes Only.... viejisimo, del siglo pasado, atrasadisimo.... una mierda, de veras, pero para defendernos
Obsolete Equipment for Defensive Purposes Only…. viejisimo, del siglo pasado, atrasadisimo…. muy Ruso…una mierda, de veras, pero lo necesitamos desesperadamente para defendernos

And meditate on this nightmare scenario:  Those missiles shuttling across the Pacific Ocean under tons of sugar could be only a small portion of a much larger number that have already crossed through the Panama Canal in both directions.  They could go to North Korea and come back locked and loaded to fire nuclear ordnance at the USA, or dirty bombs, or God knows what.  And, somewhere in this shell game, Iran is surely playing a role too, Strait of Hormuz be damned.

Imagine this:  nuclear missiles on Cuban soil again.   Do you really think that Iran and North Korea are developing nuclear weapons in order to launch them against the USA from halfway across the globe, when they can avail themselves of a launch platform only ninety miles from Key West?  Or of additional platforms in Venezuela?

Then, if you can, imagine this: President Obama dealing with nuclear missiles in Castrogonia.   Ay, mami, maybe the option contemplated by the suddenly-suicidal captain of the Cong Chon Gang when his secret stash was discovered will start to look like a great option for everyone in the USA.

Now, if only Korean one-hit-wonder superstar Psy could come up with a song and video about the Cong Chon Gang, to top his Gangnam Style monster hit… then, we might all begin to feel safe again.

Psy should take a look at a few Celia Cruz performances.    Azuuuuucar!   Cong Chon Gaaaaaang!   Let your knickers down…………Oye como va, mulata….esto se pone caliente, esto se baila apreta’o…  Eeeeestiiilo Gangnam!  Cong Chon Gaaaaaangnaaaaam!  Ka-ka-ka- Boooooom!







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  1. Cuba should be renamed Absurdistan. Everything about it is so twisted and screwed up it’s like Bizarro World. If nothing else, every time something like this happens, I’m embarrassed all over again at how incredibly low Cuba sank after being near the top of the Hispanic heap and poised to do even better. To say Cubans dropped the ball BIG time doesn’t even begin to cover it. And the freak show goes on.

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