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  1. Bill Whittle is very manipulative. For instance, he says that Trayvon Martin was just a few months away from becoming 18. In fact, he had just turned 17 [three weeks past his birthday] when he was murdered by George Zimmerman. He tries to depict Trayvon as a thug while he lionizes George Zimmerman a man with a police record, including an arrest [he was accused of assaulting a cop], a restraining order, complaints filed against him by people in his community, and even a cousin has come out and declared that he sexually molested her. Mr. Whittle tries to say that GZ is not a racist, yet, he was constantly calling in false alarms to the Police Department against suspicious characters walking around his community. These men always turned out to be black males. What a coincidence.

    Whittle talks about Trayvon Martin being on top of George Zimmerman, yet, there are other witnesses that say the opposite, and the forensic expert for the defense under cross examination admitted that TM’s wound could have also been produced while GZ was on top, so I guess that Mr. Whittle is selectively going by evidence that backs his contention, or worst going by GZ’s version of the events. The fact is that we don’t know who started the fight, because the only other person who could testify is dead thanks for GZ’s bullet.

    George Zimmerman was an overzealous, would-be cop and self-styled vigilante. He was told by the dispatcher at the Police Department not to follow TM, but he did anyway. This tragedy could have been avoided. If anyone is to blame for what happened, its the adult GZ, not the boy, TM.

    • I watched most of the trial, and I have read about this story extensively.

      The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragic thing, however Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered. Murder is a legal term. It is what people may be accused of in the aftermath of a homicide. The justice system found that in the Zimmerman case, a murder was not committed.

      And you are correct, Bill Whittle is wrong about Martin being just shy of his eighteenth birthday… we can all be wrong on occasion, and should pay closer attention to the facts, but when he posts an editorial so highly critical of the media distorting the fact of the case, he should make damned sure that he has his facts right.

      The facts in the case are:

      1. There was a rash of burglaries in Zimmerman’s neighborhood during the months preceding the shooting.
      2. Neighbors (George Zimmerman included but not exclusively him) reported those burglaries (one of the was a situation where a young mother and her infant hid upstairs in a house while two young black males burglarized her home), in most, if not every instance, the suspects were black males.

      Now, while the exact figures may be disputed, what there is no dispute about is the fact than in the US the significant majority of burglaries are perpetrated by black males under 25 years of age (as high as 70% according to an FBI study of crime in NYC during the first half of 2009). We can discuss the underlying reasons for those statistics at some other time, but that is also not related to this case.

      So, a neighborhood watch is organized by a neighborhood that’s concerned about break-ins. The reported break-ins in that neighborhood have been primarily perpetrated by black males (as per police reports). The one arrest was of a black male who was found in possession of stolen property; these facts are in line with FBI crime statistics.

      George Zimmerman is patrolling this neighborhood (he is not stalking Trayvon). He spots an unknown black male wearing a hoodie walking through the neighborhood and he calls the police, because that what he is supposed to do. This is the point of continuing discord right here, where people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others claim that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin and was suspicious of him simply because he was black.

      Interestingly enough, Jesse Jackson has confessed to racial profiling:

      “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” – Jesse Jackson, November 27, 1993

      That unquestionably is racial profiling, however, that also points out that racial profiling is not inherently racist. Profiling is in fact a mathematical equation where probabilities are calculated based on existing evidence, and the outcome points to a particular set of characteristics shared by the majority of perpetrators of crimes and/or researched activity. In the case of violent crimes and burglaries, blacks are profiled because they commit the majority of crimes in the nation, and when it comes to immigration enforcement, Hispanics are profiled because the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants in the nation are Hispanic.

      Now, if you ever mentioned to me that you have a friend who loves to play golf, I am going to make an assumption that your friend is a white male over 45 years of age. That’s profiling and it isn’t racism, that is a safe assumption based on existing statistics which tell me that golf is primarily played by white males over 45 years of age.

      So George Zimmerman didn’t profile Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin fit the profile of A) most of the people reported as having committed burglaries in Zimmerman’s neighborhood, and B) most of the people who commit burglaries in the United States. Given these facts, it would have been irrational for George Zimmerman not to suspect Trayvon Martin, and in direct conflict with the reason why the watch committee had been created, and what he was doing the night of the altercation.

      The fact that the profile of a burglar in the United States is a young black male between 16 and 25 is the issue that the race pimps refuse to address. They refuse to do that because there is no political power to be gained from doing so. There is however a huge amount to be gained from inciting racial division and racial tensions.

      Case in point.

      During the 20-day period of the Zimmerman trial, four children (three teens and a five-year old) were killed in Chicago alone. All black, all allegedly killed by other blacks, and no one knows their names. There was no outcry, no outrage, no calls for change and no rallies in their names because there is no political value to the exploitation of their deaths.

      In short, Jackson, Sharpton et al couldn’t give less of a damn about those kids because they weren’t killed by a “white” man. Their lives had no value as a result of the fact that their deaths constitute a greater indictment on the issue of crime and race in the US.

      The facts of the case freed Zimmerman.

      The Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman because their investigation found that Zimmerman had killed Trayvon Martin in an act of self-defense.

      The FBI’s investigation of George Zimmerman found no reason to identify Zimmerman as a racist or charge him with a Federal hate crime, and in fact found ample evidence (and witnesses) to the contrary.

      A jury of his peers found him innocent of all charges.

      Zimmerman did not commit murder.

      Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of a day when people in America would not be judged by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character. In order for that day to come, then America’s black population must change the crime statistics in the nation, and that’s incumbent upon them (and no one else) to do. Until the day that crimes are not committed by blacks in a quantity in disproportion with their presence in our population, then the mathematical equation known as profiling will continue to have blacks being viewed ( as Jesse Jackson views blacks) as suspects as a result of the color of their skin .

      Insofar as what can be introduced as evidence by the prosecution and defense in the trial, I’ll say that while a person can be judged by the content of their character, they can only be tried by the evidence pertinent to the incident and the charges.

      The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragic thing.

    • P.S. You are free to follow people, and you are free to police your own neighborhood.

      What no one is free to do is to physically attack another person because they are following you.

      Martin had ample time to get home after Zimmerman called the police (3-4 minutes), yet he did not, choosing instead to come back and confront Zimmerman.

      That proved to be a fatal decision.

      I am wary of labeling Zimmerman, the captain of a neighborhood watch, a self-styled vigilante. Some day we may all be put in position to police our own neighborhoods.

      Even if all you said was true, Zimmerman did not forfeit his right to self-defense, and Martin did not gain a right to attack him as a result of Zimmerman’s actions.

  2. The lie is perpetrated by “outrageous and disgusting people”. Yes, indeed. Leave it to Whittle to tell it like it is.
    The fact that the woman Treyvon was talking to on the phone told him to run because that man could be a gay stalker, and don’t go home because you have a younger brother there and you don’t want him to get raped by this guy too, changes the picture to being not about white and black, but homophobia. Yet no one in the msm or this administration and no merchant of racism will even bring that up because it doesn’t suit their purposes
    This all fits so well with the narrative meant by the brilliant tweet that if Obama had a city, it would look like Detroit.
    The trouble is that too many in this country are willing to give lies respect and even veneration.

  3. Wow, Rayarena, was any of this brought up in the trial? I have not heard most of this. If you are correct then Whittle is showing selective indignation and I am over zealous myself.
    But you do not include the good that Zimmerman did in his community toward blacks. Is none of that true? If it is true, then you have some selective indignation of your own.

  4. I haven’t watched every moment of the trial, but I don’t think that these things were brought up in the trial, because as you know, lawyers are limited to what is “pertinent,” to the case. Nevertheless, these things have been amply discussed–evidence has been presented. That said, if it is true that GZ did all of those good things for the black community, that doesn’t taken away that he has also done many bad things too. Humans are complex. Even a mafioso is capable of good deeds. I’m sure that dozens of people can come up and say wonderful things about the late Dapper Don. He was probably a good husband, father, friend to associates, used to donate money to the church, etc…

  5. I’m SOOOO SICK of this case & the aftermath; the fact is that hundreds of manslaughter and homicide cases are tried in US courtrooms each week; this case would have never made it were it not for DOJ railroading the defendant and the people who investigated the event, some of whom have lost their careers for being honest and truthful. Only in Holder’s America will a law enforcement officer lose his job for doing his job. I’m totally disgusted with the comments made all over the map by people who don’t know or understand that in the criminal justice system, opinion isn’t fact and what matters is not what you believe happened, but what you are actually able to prove to a jury of imperfect people. Martin was a juvenile thug probably on drugs that day, and Zimmerman refused to obey a dispatcher because he was fed up with crime in the neighborhood and ended up unwittingly killing the juvenile in self-defense. Those are the facts; the jury spoke; the verdict is unpopular. So, deal with it — it happens every day in our courtrooms. When you don’t like the verdict, you appeal. Instead, the president and his siamese twin at DOJ are milking it with their racist rants for pure political purposes. Pukes that they are — if they don’t think this won’t come back to bite them, they’re stupid.

    This is nothing but a distraction from the real problem, namely, the thousands of blacks killed each year by needless violence, the high index of unemployment and abortion among them, the deterioration of the black family structure, and the teen pregnancy that plagues them. But the race pimps keep stuffing money in their coffers by talking trash — real trash — and latching on to a narrative that agitates uninformed and gullible minds to perpetuate their own income sources and their trade of phony victimhood. Disgusting beyond description. I can’t wait for that generation of race baiters from the 60’s and 70’s to disappear once for all from the public square. They are nothing but vultures feeding on decline.

  6. I personally knew scores of Trayvon Martins in the Florida prison system. They all have the same background: they try to live up to the rapper gangsta culture by dressing and acting the part, are a product of a broken home, are low-achievers, have been suspended from school, are marijuana smokers and respond with violence to what they perceive as any slight from authority. Their parents have failed them, the school system have failed them and the Obama administration have failed them. Had Martin not been shot, he would have been one more Black teenage convict in prison for assault and battery.

  7. Gigi, what you say about race pimps, those promoters of victimhood, dysfunction and failure, is what I say about Cuba’s “new men,” who now hold sway throughout the island (and I’m not even talking about those who compose the regime’s official apparatus). Until all those Cubans significantly contaminated by the Castro poison disappear from the scene, Cuba will not be able to heal and recover. Unfortunately, we will not be here by then, but that’s just the reality of the situation.

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